Why Should You Switch To Cloud Data Warehousing?

Why Should You Switch To Cloud Data Warehousing?

by Ariya Stark — 3 years ago in Review 4 min. read

Data warehousing was first introduced by two IBM researchers named Paul Murphy and Barry Devlin in 1988. This concept has grown and evolved since then, especially with the surge of business complexities and challenges to emerging as a unique discipline.

Over the recent years, this trend has resulted in companies deploying the best practices for business, enhanced technologies, and several books published on the subject.

However, the major intent here is not to focus on what happened in the past. This post is on the future of data warehousing and how cloud technology has impacted it. In the past decade, it has been observed that several innovative data warehousing technologies on the cloud have surfaced, and they are highly responsible for the biggest software success stories in the world.

Data warehousing is growing at an exponential pace

If you examine large and medium scale businesses, you will find they have some data warehousing technology. It has been estimated by IT specialists and experienced database administrators and managers that by 2025, the market of the data warehouse will almost double from the present market cap of 18 billion to about 30 billion dollars.

In this post, you will find out the key reasons why several businesses are eager to invest in data warehousing and discover how cloud technology has boosted data warehousing in the current IT market for businesses in all industries and sizes.

Similarly, it is data center decommissioning services, as performed by experts like “Dataknox” that can help in a smooth transition to a new system or data center, without compromising on the security and safety of your company’s data that hold critical and strategic value. So, apart from data warehousing, one such data specialist offers decommissioning of a data center, which is not at all a simple task. In such an activity, special precaution needs to be taken for migrating your data center. It is all about data migration. This article sheds light on all aspects of data, whether its data center decommissioning or switching to Cloud data warehousing.

If you are a small business owner, a director, or the CEO of a large corporation, reading this post will help you to understand clearly the extensive arena of data warehousing and why should you invest in it in the cloud?
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What are the Reasons for you to invest in data warehousing

Before getting into the data warehousing subject on the cloud, you first need to know why data warehousing is indispensable to your business?

Irrespective of the size of your business, investing in data warehousing is costly. The precise copy of the same business data is derived from internal databases and other third-party business tools. Now, the question that comes to your mind is obvious, why doesn’t your business pull out all the data from there?

Experts from the esteemed name in database management and administration, remotedba.com, give you the following reason for investing in data warehousing-

Performance –

Performance is the key reason for you to create a data warehouse. If you resort to pulling the data from any application database for analytical reasons, it will cause issues for both the application and analytics. Suppose data analysts take data directly from the application database. In that case, the main database’s performance will slow down as the analytical queries will proceed to analyze the number of rows one at a time.

There is also the issue of many updates and other transactions taking place, and this will cause the table to get locked, or the server can reach the capacity that will adversely impact the end-user. These are just some of the problems you will face at the surface levels.

Besides them, other factors affect performance, mostly because analytical and transactional processes are not the same and are different from one another.
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Moving on to the cloud data warehouse

Cloud technology is in vogue now for the benefits that it offers. A number of businesses in the tech have migrated data warehousing to the cloud. Thanks to this migration, businesses are able to manage the accessibility of data better within the organization.

Before you decide to move onto cloud data warehousing, ask yourself the following two questions-

  1. Do you want to switch to a data warehouse in the cloud?
  2. What can you expect from the switch, and what are its prime advantages?

Once you have decided to invest in cloud data warehousing, your company will enjoy the following benefits-

  • Reduced costs when it comes to scaling – This is one of the main reasons most businesses move to the cloud. They enjoy the advantages of costs. Maintaining a data center on the premise is a very costly affair. Moreover, the analytical needs of your business are increasing daily. You would need to buy more space in computing and storage, especially during peak times. The benefit of cloud data warehousing is it is flexible, and you can scale up and down as per your business’s demands.
  • Fast to deploy – You can just set up your data warehouse in just a matter of minutes. There is no detailed planning and estimate involved, especially when it comes to computing and the amount of space you need.
  • Increase your business capabilities – Business intelligence improves, and the total value of your company’s data warehousing increases. You get a complete solution for business analytics, IoT, data integration, and lots more.
  • Data warehousing becomes a self-service model – This move helps you get a self-driving database for your business. This means you do not have the stress to manage the cloud database yourself.
  • The cloud data is more secure – Choose a cloud service provider that gives your business tight security controls like encryption and data security for data warehousing. Make sure you choose a cloud service provider with decades of experience before moving to cloud data warehousing for your business.
  • Enjoy all the benefits of cloud technology – Being on the cloud implies mitigating the dull, boring work that most database administrators and managers dislike doing. This gives you and your team the chance to focus on other core business tasks better.

Therefore, when it comes to switching to cloud data warehousing, you will find that it is a smart move for your company. Take some time to research about it to find how it can benefit your operations.

However, qualified and skilled database managers and administrators state you must choose cloud companies that offer you flexible deployment methods. This will help your business to seamlessly migrate the IT workloads from your data center on the premise to the cloud interface and vice-versa.

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