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3 Key Steps: Why is Data Modernization Key to a Wi...
By: Alex Noah, Mon October 25, 2021

The complexity and interconnectedness of world economies have led to an exponential increase in the volume of data generated, stored,..


Advantage and Disadvantage of Edge Computing
By: Alex Noah, Sun September 26, 2021

Edge computing is a method in which computing takes place on local servers and devices at the edge of the..


Structured vs Unstructured Data: Sources, Uses, an...
By: Rajesh Jhamb, Wed September 22, 2021

Businesses have more information than ever before thanks to continuous data creation. These data may come from social media, websites,..


Why Should You Switch To Cloud Data Warehousing?
By: Ariya Stark, Thu March 25, 2021

Data warehousing was first introduced by two IBM researchers named Paul Murphy and Barry Devlin in 1988. This concept has..

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