Why The Bespoke Treatment And Technology Can Help Your Hotel Raise It's Guest Experience Game

Why The Bespoke Treatment and Technology Can Help your Hotel Raise It’s Guest Experience Game

by Alan Jackson — 1 year ago in Review 3 min. read

As a hotelier, you’ll know that happy guests equal repeat bookings and excellent reviews and ways to upgrade the guest experience is likely never far from your mind. You can do plenty on this score, from going back to basics by ensuring that each room is cleaned to the highest standard possible to deploying innovative tech solutions to keep your guests content.

Providing the ideal guest experience also comes with another advantage: it allows you to increase revenue by offering tailored upgrades and bespoke services. Keep reading for the best ways to ensure that every one of your guests enjoys the best stay possible and why this is so valuable on every level.

Get a Guest App on Board

Those innovative tech solutions we mentioned? A guest app for hotels is precisely what we had in mind! The best guest apps work like an extension of your website, meaning that your guests don’t need to download an app to use it but can access it directly from their smartphones.

A hotel guest app allows your visitors to contact the front desk (or other departments) as needed, so they can, for example, easily order room service or book in for a session at your on-site spa. This makes for a great way of smoothing the guest journey and ensuring that no message or request is missed or goes unanswered for a significant period.

And that’s not all: a hotel guest app gives you a direct line of communication with your guests and, using data from past stays and that provided during the booking process, allows you to offer tailored upgrades, services, and discounts. What does this look like on the ground? Well, if guests requested an earlier check-in time on their last visit and ordered a pot of tea from room service immediately on arrival, you can impress them on their next stay by offering these things in advance.

In short, hotel guest apps make for a more effortless stay for your guests and give you plenty of opportunities to boost revenue by anticipating their needs and preferences.

Ensure Staff Is Properly Trained

Your staff is on the frontline of the guest experience, and ensuring that every team member is adequately trained is priceless. This process should start as early as possible to be effective. Before a new employee is hired, it’s essential to take up their provided references to make sure they are appropriately qualified and will be an excellent addition to your team.

Begin the induction process before your new hire arrives for their first day on the job by sending out important information and guides on your policies and an outline of their duties. When they begin work, consider buddying them up with an experienced employee to help them thoroughly learn the ropes and ensure they are entirely comfortable using your establishment’s computer and other digital systems.

Providing additional training focused on up-leveling the guest experience is an excellent investment. You could consider bringing on board the services of a training company that provides bespoke courses for hotel staff to help develop the skills needed to give your guests the best stay possible.

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Make the Amenities Extra Special

Standing out from the crowd is vital, and an effective way to do this is by impressing your guests with the amenities provided in their room. Consider a welcome hamper full of seasonal, regional treats, handmade soaps from a local artisan company, and eco-friendly shampoo.

Wow, your guests, and make them feel extra special by leaving a surprise gift in their room, such as a box of homemade cookies from your on-site restaurant or a toweling robe featuring your hotel’s monogram. Little things like this can make all the difference and have your guests raving about their stay on social media and review sites.

Offer Online Check-Ins

Ready for another tech solution? Online check-in is a perfect way to impress your guests and improve their overall experience. This facility allows guests to use their smartphone to check in remotely so that, when they arrive at your hotel, they skip the line at the front desk and simply head directly to their room. Most guests love the extra convenience this offers – especially if they’ve just completed a long, tiring journey and want nothing more than to head to their room to relax and have a cup of tea.

An online check-in process turns your guests’ phones into their room keys, negating the risk of lost keys causing a headache for guests and front desk staff. And if the latter are saved the time of dealing with such an issue, this is time they can spend doing the most important job of all: ensuring that all your guests are having an enjoyable stay!

Keep Innovating

And finally, it’s vital never to stand still when it comes to upgrading the guest experience: continuing to think about ways to keep improving things on this score will pay off, especially with tech moving so quickly. Stay on top, too, of overarching trends when it comes to the preferences and values of your guests, to remain aligned with these as far as possible, and keep your visitors happy and keen to make a return booking!

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