Github Advanced Security

Github Advanced Security

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Security 4 min. read

GitHub’s Advanced Security system is an addition to the standard GitHub Enterprise license. Providing improved features that better accommodate public security demands, the GitHub Advanced Security license covers vast ground than other similar products.

It’s essential to understand how the GitHub Advanced Security system improves the standards of cyber security. This way, you can adapt better security levels using GitGuardian Internal Monitoring to find your perfect fit.

You don’t have to go all crazy finding better products, drawing comparative charts of pros and cons, or carrying out extensive research. So much elbow grease to choose a single data securing option.

To save your precious time and clear your confusion, we have stepped up to provide you with all the related details that you need about GitGuardian and the valuable features of GitHub Advanced Security.

Without wasting more time, let’s roll on to the part where you’ll see How GitGuardian is a better comparative option. And what you’ll get if you choose to purchase GitHub Advanced Security with GitGuardian.

What GitGuardian Offers that Others Don’t?

All-in-all, GitGuardian’s products come with a long list of advantageous features. Not all of the features might be unique, but some features are true game-changers.
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With the help of the unique features of Github Advanced Security:

  • You can improve your overall working capabilities while maintaining your code’s quality.
  • You will also be able to upgrade your line of defense for your data files.
  • You’ll get to use Dependabot alerts and view dependency graphs no matter what plan you choose.
  • 250+ types of secrets supported with high accuracy level provided by the ability to check the validity of some keys before raising an alert
  • You get a special Paranoïd mode for handling Generic secrets. The mode is based on the supreme analytics obtained by combining entropy checks with the diagnostic presumed secret.
  • You can give particular names to your sensitive data files to raise specific alerts related to policy breaks.
  • You can design illustrative roadmaps for enlightenment to define custom patterns using H2 2021.

Note: With an adequately purchased GitHub Advanced Security license, you can run cross-checks using both repository information and public repository details obtained from

Github Advanced Security Features Available For Public Repositories

GitHub makes security features for both public repositories as well as repositories that require advanced levels of security. Both types of customers are served with security features under a similar GitHub Advanced Security license. The authentic license eliminates the doubtful confusion of the service is unsatisfactory.

As of now, GitHub Advanced Security provides security features in the following different categories. All are covered under the same GitHub Advanced Security license.
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1. Scanning Security Codes

Code Scanning is a way of improving security by eliminating errors and vulnerabilities. With the help of the Code Scanning feature, you can search for potential lackings and coding errors that may pose a threat to the security of your data files.

Github Advanced Code Scanning feature runs security checks on your codes automatically from time to time. This way, it detects all sorts of security vulnerabilities and eradicates the errors or modifies them into secure solid codes.

Github helps rectify several potential issues that may cause major security threats regarding detailed information packed within the codes. It gives you enough time to mend your breachable security codes before it’s too late.

2. Scanning Sensitive Secrets

The second most valuable feature of the GitHub Advanced Security system is the ability to scan sensitive secrets within the codes, such as special keys, tokens, or cheats.

The sensitive secrets should be detected before they’re checked into the repository. This way, the secrets can be scanned, reviewed, corrected, and secured at initial levels before they further cause any mishaps.

GitHub’s Secret Scanning features enable you to view and recheck any of your sensitive secret files containing keys and codes.

You’re given the option to either secure it with modification or you can eliminate the secret tokens causing possible issues. You can also treat sensitive secrets with credentials that ensure higher security in case they’re compromised.
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3. Reviewing Dependency Details

Dependency shows how much of your data files are security-independent and what information incorporated can withstand the breaches without causing any major setbacks.

By using the GitHub Advanced Security system, you get a chance to review the dependency details of your data and search for potential hazardous vulnerabilities.

Reviewing Dependency Details feature enlightens you about the full impact of all possible dependencies and the possible changes they can undergo in terms of improvement.

You can correct any vulnerable versions of dependent data files beforehand and then proceed to merge a pull request.  The GitHub public roadmap feature will also be of help in this regard to navigating your way through the piles of files.

4. Shift Left Security

Shifting security to the left is a kind of phrase, which means ‘to put your security first’. It promotes the idea of prioritizing your security over different aspects of your confidential data files related to your personal or business affairs.

The idea is related to software development where testing is done to provide major security minimizing different errors and sequential hazards such as great abridging etc. When security is treated as a fundamental part of the Software Development cycle, it proves to be cost-effective.

Many kinds of automated virus detection software or secret/ vulnerability detection programs are examples of shift left security. These are working on high-level digital codes that have proven to be promising in improving security.
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How to Enable GitHub Advanced Security Features?

If you’re interested in the features meant for the public repositories, you don’t have to purchase GitHub’s license separately. GitHub offers all the necessary security features for public repositories permanently.

Although you don’t have to enable the features personally, they can be disabled if you opt to alter the project visibility settings. This way, your code may not be visible to the public, but it also disables the features.

Another scenario is related to owning an enterprise account. The license for an enterprise account is valid for using the entire library of Github’s security features. Their settings are visible on your enterprise license page. You can control your enabling options from the settings.

Pros & Cons of Using Github Advanced Security

The benefit of getting GitHub’s Advanced Security license is that you get a stronghold of multiple security features from a single vendor. You don’t have to waste your time validating several dealings for different security disciplines.

The disadvantage can only be related to the limited options you get using this approach. Since you only receive the security features offered by Github, you can’t manually pick the specific security vendors based on their offered in-depth coverage.
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Final Verdict

The actual decision that you should make here is based on your priorities. You get to opt between choosing the best possible coverage, or you can select a single trustworthy vendor to deal with instead of wasting time on multiple vendors’ dealings.

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