How To Create A Second YouTube Channel? (With Pictures) May 2024

How To Create A Second YouTube Channel? Steps To Create Multiple YouTube Channel + FAQs

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Updated on 07 May 2024

Creating and managing a YouTube channel is fun! But how to create a second youtube channel? How to make a second youtube account with any mistake?

Many people make mistakes when creating youtube channel or doesn’t set up in the right way, to say the least.

Millions of people share content irrespective of their knowledge, niche target, and passion.

Youtube premium member get distinctive benefits including channel boosting, unlimited and ad-free listening, and more.

Setting up a second youtube channel is pretty easy and simple.

We’ve mentioned a detailed guide for you with images and examples.

Things required for creating a second youtube channel:

  • Mobile or Desktop 📱
  • An internet connection 🌐
  • Existing Gmail account 📧

Creating a second youtube channel can be achieved in less than 5️⃣ minutes.

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Is It Good To Have a Second YouTube Channel?

Yes, it is good to have a second youtube channel. You could create a second channel on youtube if you;

  • Want to target a different niche audience
  • Want to post content in various niche
  • Want to increase brand visibility
  • Want to scale fan-base audience

Is It Possible To Create A Second YouTube Channel?

Earlier, YouTube asked users to create multiple Gmail accounts to set up a second channel.

But, today, it’s redundant.

You can create a second youtube channel using your existing Gmail account.

In case, if you’ve been told that you would be required to create a Gmail account initially, that’s no surprise – telling a lie.


We’ve created a guided step (with pictures) on how to create a second youtube channel.

But, before that – let’s look at the benefits first.

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What Are The Benefits Of Creating A Second YouTube Channel?

Benefits of creating second youtube channel

How do I create a second youtube channel? You could think of creating a second youtube channel to increase brand visibility, reach out to a different set of audience, or try a different voice or tone.

Workout with different voices of tones

Indeed, you can create a second youtube channel to experiment with different tones.

You can rectify ins and outs that work best for your channel which was not possible at the initial channel setup.

If you download youtube videos on iPhone, you get a lot of room for improvement.

For example, you can try various things to make your second channel accepted by your audience such as adding sophisticated voice and professional editing materials.

Reach out to new target audience

What if we say, the second channel would act as magic for you?

Having multiple channels on youtube allows users to upload and share different types of content with a different array of audiences at other times.

For example; you could use one channel to upload tutorial videos for tech-friendly audiences while the second channel targets parents with family-friendly content.

Helps make a larger fan-base

Many commercials and individuals target Youtube because of its huge monthly active users.

Creating a second channel will surely help you amass a larger youtube audience.

For businesses, it helps them in driving potential business decisions, strategic advertising, and promotional counterparts for revenue.

Additionally, having multiple channels grants you more chances to get discovered by searchers who previously were not able to find you.

How To Make A Second YouTube Channel?

How do you make a second channel on youtube? In this section, you’ll learn how to create multiple youtube channels. For additional help, we inserted pictures at each step.

A quick glimpse of the steps:

👉 Log in into your YouTube account
👉 Click on your “Profile Icon” and select “Settings”
👉 Select “Create a new channel” from the Account menu

1. Login Into Your YouTube Account

Use your existing gmail account on which you want to create a second channel on youtube.

Login to youtube using gmail

Here, we used private mode on Chrome. In the URL search box, we entered “” and clicked on the Sign in button (which appears on the right top corner).

We then entered the credentials of the gmail account on which our team was looking to create a second channel on youtube.

Once you input the credentials and continue, you will be redirected to the youtube with successful login of your youtube channel.

2. Go To Your Profile Icon

Now, you have to go to your profile option.

You could find it on the top-right corner with some sort of image. Simply click on it.

Select Settings from profile option

Select “Settings” from the option. Settings menu offers basic and advanced manipulation for your youtube account/channel.

3. Create A New Channel

Welcome to the Settings section of your YouTube channel.

Here, you can control most of the things for your youtube channel such as check channel status and features, managing downloads, modifying billing and payments, etc.

For now, your agenda is on creating a second channel.

Select create a new channel

In the Account menu, you will see three different options;

  • Channel status and features
  • Create a new channel
  • View advanced settings

Along with Google Account and Membership options.

Click on “Create a new channel” to create a youtube channel for the second time.

Name a channel

Name your second youtube channel in the box. Check to mark the policies to make the “Create” button function enabled. Click on “Create” to make a youtube channel with the given name.

Hurray! That’s all… you’ve created a second youtube channel.


Quick things to do after creating a second youtube channel:

👉 Upload a trailer video
👉 Good high-resolution banner
👉 Good quality channel image
👉 Well-informed channel description
👉 Adding social profile links

How To Delete Multiple YouTube Channels?

Well, you have learned how to create a second youtube channel using your existing gmail account.

What if you want to delete your multiple youtube channels?

Here are the basic and simple steps to follow to delete your youtube channel without paying any fees.

  • Select the youtube account which you want to delete
  • Go to the “profile icon” and open “Settings”
  • Go to the “Advance settings”
  • At the bottom, you will see the “Delete channel” option

It will then ask you to verify your Gmail account. Enter the password and continue.

Delete youtube channels

Now, you will see a snippet with some highlights of your youtube account. You need to tick (✔) all the boxes before clicking on “Delete my account”

Once successful, your content such as videos, comments, gifts, and watch history will be deleted permanently. Overall, you won’t be able to find it on youtube.

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Bonus: 3 Tips On Growing Your Second YouTube Channel

1️⃣ Post videos frequently

Posting consistently helps improve your channel health and enables your brand to reach more new audiences every day.

Also, you could see an increase in engagement metrics such as new subscribers, likes, and comments including an increase in watch time.

2️⃣ Create videos faster with video templates

There is a myriad of excellent video templates available for youtube that help you to create videos with amazing effects, animations, and text quickly and easily.

You can use Canva, for example; that lets you create everything for YouTube from channel art, shorts, videos, profile picture, and posts in high-resolution.

3️⃣ Use youtube shorts

Do you know you can monetize your shorts?

Many people are creating shorts and earning money. So, why did you leave behind in the race? Go ahead, and create shorts to grow your second youtube channel, predominantly.

Now that you have learned how to create a second youtube channel, you are good to kick start another youtube channel.

How to make another youtube account is simple and easy. Read the guide again in case you forget the steps.

Thanks for reading this blog 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have multiple youtube channels?

Yes, youtube allows its users to create multiple youtube channels using existing gmail accounts. Read this blog for more details on creating a second youtube channel.

Can I delete multiple youtube channels?

Absolutely, you can delete and hide youtube channels straight from your youtube settings options. Read this guide to know how to delete youtube channels permanently.

Is it possible to create a second channel using the same email address?

Yes, youtube allows people to create a second channel using the same email address used at the time of creating your first youtube channel.

How to create a second youtube channel with the same gmail?

Go to youtube, click on the profile section and then click on settings. Click on create a new channel option. By following this method you will able to create a second youtube channel.

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