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Facebook Jail Explained - How to Get Out of Facebook Jail?

How to get out if Facebook Account is blocked?

by Alex Smith — 5 months ago in Security 2 min. read

The count of Facebook users is increasing with each passing day and hence the policies are getting strict day by day. Fb is now an addiction for many people and thus they can’t imagine their lives without scrolling through the Facebook newsfeed. Unfortunately, this can happen to anyone as Facebook can prevent you from accessing your Facebook account by blocking or disabling it. Also, you can be blocked from posting on Facebook.

So, let’s first understand the reasons can cause locked or disabled Facebook account:

Important note: make sure whatever you click on Facebook is safe and isn’t hoax or scam.

Apart from that check for the malware concerns listed below.

These could be the reason for the disabled or locked account:

Facebook profile viewer:

This is the latest form of scam that claims you see who is viewing your profile

Promising to fix:

the pop-ups prompting you to install a software that can fox the hypothetical issues.

Videos: “View this video! Omg! I can’t believe she did this!”,

Or “Is this you? Did you know this picture of you is on this site?”. Such kind od messages are usually spam or malware

These are the common malware issues that create an issue with the FB account. However, there are many other reasons that can lead to a blocked FB account.

The major reasons are:

1. Fake account:

If you have an account with fake name or identity, it is possible that it might get disabled

2. Impersonating:

If you are impersonating someone through FB page, your account is likely to get blocked

3. Groups:

If you have joined too many groups at once, your account can get disabled
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4. Spam:

Sharing spam posts, too many posts or sending too many requests can be the reasons for blocked account

5. Underage:

FB prescribes an age bar for its users, and not following it can cause the account disability

6. Offensive post:

Sharing or posing something offensive isn’t acceptable

7. Hacked:

the security threat like hacking can cause the disability

8. Virus or malware:

The virus or malware in the issue can cause the account disabling error

Now let’s move towards the solution:

Reactivate Your Locked Facebook Account with these methods

If your Facebook account is locked, you have to reset the password using one f the methods given here below:

1. By Answering Your Security Question:

You just need to answer the security questions that you have set during the account setup. This is the way to verify your identity.
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2. Getting Help From Friends:

Your friends can also help you get rid of this problem. For this, you need to select the friends that you have chosen as your trusted contacts during account sign-up process. Your friends will be provided with a link, they need to go to the link to get a security code. Then they will give you with which you can recover your locked FB account.

If none of the methods is working, there are chances that you are inside the Facebook jail. It is also kind of account-disabling, in such cases; you need to follow the ways to get out of Facebook jail.

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