Things You May Regret For Not Using A VPN In Canada

Things you may regret for not using a VPN in Canada

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Security 4 min. read

VPNs used to be a little-known tool used primarily by businesses, companies, criminals, and tech-savvy hackers. But today, that isn’t the case anymore. VPNs have risen as an essential and must-have tool with privacy scandals, data leaks, geo-restrictions, and censoring making headlines and impacting lives every day.

Every piece of information you send over the internet, from pictures of your dog to your bank account details, can potentially be intercepted.

But thankfully, Using a VPN, there is a simple way to dramatically reduce your vulnerability to cybercrime and access what you want to access.

To ensure your cyber safety and continue your errands online, a good VPN is a must in Canada.  CanadaVPNs has the best affordable VPNs in store for you. Check Now!. These vpns can help you get secured and anonymous from many cyber risks, few of them, we have discussed below

Things you may regret for not using a VPN in Canada

Unsafe Public wifi Networks on Streets

Today’s world has gone entirely public and online. Like many other countries, Canadians are privileged to have access to wifi on public places to carry on their online task from anywhere, be it shopping, banking, browsing or online socialising.

Public wifi is accessible just about everywhere, from the local coffee shop to hotels, airports, train stations, and places you visit while traveling, but it may not be safe for you. Public wifi has made our lives a little easier, but it also poses security risks to smart devices’ personal and official information.

An unsecured network like Public wifi can be connected within range without any security requirements like a password or login. However, if we use a secured network, it requires a user to register an account, agree to some legal term, or type in a password before connecting to the network.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) help create a shielded, secure way of accessing the internet/intranet. A VPN creates safe tracks for users, allowing them access to data for their work. VPNs are used to connect to other private networks using the internet,

enabling users to access personal information remotely in a secure way, allows remote access of computer systems, and you can work remotely from anywhere.

Online Banking Scam for Canada

You can take care of many of your banking tasks without ever entering the bank. You can visit the bank’s website to check balances, make transfers, and even deposit cheques and bills.

But beware, as anything you can do online, cyber-criminals or identity thieves might be on the look. They do not require heavy guns to rob you, but a few simple clicks can leave you bankrupt within minutes, make you a victim of credit card fraud, or even steal your identity.

Things you may regret for not using a VPN in Canada 1

The bright side is that a quality VPN can protect your online banking from hackers, malware, and even public wifi. By using a Virtual Private Network, nobody can read your encrypted online traffic. Logging into a VPN masks your IP address, which may cause the website to require an extra layer of authentication.
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Online shopping might be a Risk

Online shopping is something you would not want to do on an unsecured wifi network. Do think about using a virtual private network or VPN solution to ensure your privacy and anonymity are protected when using public wifi.

Online shopping might be a Risk

Although shopping doesn’t seem like it involves sensitive data, making purchases online requires personal information that could include bank account and retailer login credentials. A reliable VPN installed on your network would potentially secure your confidential information from any spy.

Social Media Spies

Many websites continue to exist, and they are all dependent on their income to keep on working. The most common method used is Advertisements and not just Ads on Television. The Ads on the internet are intended at a user via their IP address and monitoring of activity.

It is intriguing to see how you search for a specific product on a retail website, say Alibaba, and the next website you land on has promotions and ads for the same product you looked upon on the retail website.

Tracking of user activity is a deep concern, and it should be. The effective way to counter this interference is using a VPN which ensures security from the monitoring of user activity and providing safety.

Geo-restricted Content in Canada

Geo-restricted Content in Canada

We all love streaming online, don’t we? As long as you stay home to stop the spread of COVID-19, streaming your favorite shows online provides an easy and relaxing alternative to cinemas and movie nights with friends amidst the lockdown.

Like many Canadians, you also might watch movies and TV shows and listen to music online using a computer or your smartphone. But when the content you want to watch isn’t available because of geoblocking, it can be frustrating. You can look into the Canada VPNs to access regional services like BBC iPlayer, HBO max, Vudu and Peacock overseas, get the best price on pay-per-view sporting events, and even use sites you pay for, like Hulu outside of your home country.
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To Sum it Up

Too many people in this country still access the internet through a plain, old provider. Here’s why this is a bad idea. Today’s hackers are a sophisticated lot, and penetrating your online devices is child’s play for them unless you use encryption.

While the common perception might be that they tend to focus their energy on governments and corporations, that’s a dangerous assumption to make.

Personal information of ANY sort is a valuable currency on the Dark Web. Anyone, anywhere, at any time, is fair game. So whatever you do, do it safely.

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