50+ Cool Websites, Fun Websites To Kill Boredom (May Updated 2024)

50+ Cool Websites To Visit When Bored | Best Fun Websites To Visit In 2024

by Alan Jackson — 4 years ago in Top 10 12 min. read

Updated on 07 May 2024

Get bored? Kill your time with funny, amazing, cool and interesting websites.

Make your ideal time into fun, laugh, and gig with friends and love ones.

Cool websites to visit when bored often convert your boring time into fun and make you happy.

Favorite websites to cure boredom are mentioned in this blog. Whether you are in the office, home, or in the lounge… these websites are cool to try and guarantee kill your fatigue.

Gets bored at an unusual time? Try these cool websites to kill your blandness in fun.

I’ve tried these interesting websites personally and they are amazing – fun, laugh, and whatnot it may give when you’re bored.

The list is huge (51 cool websites to visit when bored) mentioned in today’s blog.

And, from No.1 to No.10 are my all-time favorites.

Oh! One more No.51

Let’s look at these 50 fun websites on the internet. Explore each of them and share your thoughts on your experience with me.

51 Cool Websites, Interesting Websites, Fun Websites Everyone Should Know

In case you haven’t anything to do and are thinking of killing your boring time.

Try these cool websites for when you’re bored. 🥱

To tell you a secret… Some of them are cool gadget websites while some of them are cool websites like games, good movies to watch, cool clothing websites, discover new music websites, cool art websites, cool gift websites, and others.

50 Cool Websites, Interesting Websites, Fun Websites
GetHuman PixaBay JustWatch Product Hunt If This Then That
Down for Everyone or Just Me 10-minute mail Have I Been Pwned Window 93 VirusTotal
Whichbook Bored Panda Big Think Incredibox I Waste So Much Time
Find The Invisible Cow Forgotify The Oatmeal This Is Sand The Oregon Trail
Time Lapse Spend Elon Musk Money Explore Mount Everest How A Car Works Lamebook
The Useless Web The Pixel Thought Make your Own Game Slither.io Oddee
Giphy Fail Blog People of Walmart Open Puppies Uncrate
Incredible Things Built With Quora 9Gag Neal.fun
5000Best The Internet Map MapCrunch Stellarium Radiooooo
Internet Live Stats Lizard Point Zoom Quilt Passive Aggressive Password Machine Instructables

1. GetHuman

It is my favorite and that is why I put it first. 🤠

Simply, this website gives you an authentic number to connect with real people for any time you call customer service for any company.

For instance; if we try SONY, it tells us the phone number to call, and then what numbers to press that will put you through to someone, human.

In this case, you press 5️⃣, then zero, then zero.

Not only this, if there’s a website that has no way to talk to someone, like YouTube and Instagram, it will at least have some instructions for how to fix common problems.

2. PixaBay

You might have already heard of this cool website.

I like using this website twice a week.

It has an awesome stock photo, except every single one of the pictures is royalty-free.

Surprising number of stock photos are here, right now over two million.

This fun website on the internet allows you to download several image types. Typically, photos, vectors, and illustrations.

Additionally, you can pick creative-free videos, GIFs, discover new music, and sound effects for your work.

In fact, some images have been picked from these favorite websites.

3. JustWatch

Do you like watching TV shows and Movies?

Then JustWatch is a go-to-way to try. It is a streaming guide platform that offers what and which digital contents are available to stream, rent, and watch for free.

Simply select your country and begin searching for your favorite shows or movies or anything you picked from their suggestion.

It will tell you the name of the streaming services where you can watch easily.

Recently, I used this website to guide myself about streaming service availability for “Doctor Strange” because I am a big fan of MARVEL.

4. Product Hunt

This is really a cool ✌️ website.

It is because it lets you find out about brand new products that have just been released or announced.

The community showcases a well-versed arrangement of content in multitude categories for simplification.

You can explore products based on Topics, Upcoming Products, Collections, and Time Travel.

New products are posted every day, and a lot of them are from random startups you’ve never heard of,

You can add this in your cool gadget websites list often to check new product launches and more.

5. GS-JJ.com, Custom Promotional Gifts



GS-JJ.com possesses extensive experience in the production and sales of promotional gifts.

Due to the fact that the products are mostly customized, your products will be unique. Here you can find a variety of promotional items. Among their products are custom lapel pins, custom lanyards, custom medals, custom coins, custom keychains, etc., each with thousands of different designs, which makes people marvel at their craftsmanship.

Their latest 3D technology is amazing. You can intuitively feel the shock that 3D technology brings when you visit their lapel pins and challenge coins pages.

They will launch more categories this year, so keep an eye on them and you will get the news as soon as possible.

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6. Down for Everyone or Just Me

It’s as funny as it sounds but worth visit this website.

It’s called “DownForEveryoneOrJustMe”

The site tells you if any website you type in is currently up 🔺 or down 🔻.

For example, If you can’t load or log in to Twitter, this site may tell you if Twitter is down (in real time) or just happens with you due to a server clash.

I think this one is definitely a cool websites on the internet.

7. 10-minute mail

At number seven, we have a really interesting websites called “10-minute mail”, which generates a temporary email address for you that expires in 10 minutes.

This is great if you come across a website that requires you to sign up for an account to use, but you know you’ll probably never use it again, and don’t want to give away your real email.

Now you can just sign up with a throwaway email address, get whatever you need from the site, and leave.

8. Have I Been Pwned

How could you make sure that your password is safe? 🤔

Well, that’s the point of this site.

You just type in your email address.

It will tell you your email address, along with your password and potentially other info, was included in any breaches in its database.

Just look at the one from Adobe in 2013, where over 150 MILLION accounts were leaked. 😮

You’ll obviously want to immediately know if it happens to you.

9. Window 93

This cool website will take you into the old days of virtual games, virtual entertainment, and fun.

It’s called “Windows 93”, which emulates the atheoretical version of Windows that would have been from 1993.

You can also start a virtual machine, which runs Windows 93, inside Windows 93.

There is obviously a ton of stuff you can do to waste time on here, so I’d better not get too far into it, you can just explore it yourself.

10. VirusTotal


This may be a fun website but be careful when you visit this website.

This interesting websites on the internet lets you analyze your files, domains, IPs and URLs to detect any virus or malware.

It’s actually owned by Google now, and what it does is let you upload any file, and it will be scanned with pretty much every virus scanner software out there, which is over 60 of them.

It’s a simple website but helps in big interesting things. Save this cool website for your next use program.

11. Whichbook

Need something unpredictable?

This cool websites to visit on the internet has something unpredictable.

What’s that? 😦

A new way of choosing what book to read next!

Whichbook is home to dozens of International glossaries of books written by multitude of writers and novelists.

I personally like the interface of this website. It lets you explore books by World Map.

  • Find books by mood and emotion
  • Books by character and plot
  • Books based on bestsellers
  • Books from world map

You can surely discover your next great book to read, learn, and laugh.

12. Bored Panda

Bored Panda is really my cool website to cure boredness.

The kind of content and pictures uploaded there is full of gigs, crazy, and sometimes totally off-the-spin.

13. Big Think

Big Think is only for intelligence!

Just kiddin… go 👉 and explore top words, motivated speech, and energetic interviews of worldwide experts with a wide range of fields.

14. Incredibox

I would not say it is for kids, because I use this too.

It is a good website to kill your boring time or waste time when you feel lazzy.

Incredibox lets you create your own music in an innovative way. But don’t give you copyright (LOL!)

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15. I Waste So Much Time

I Waste So Much Time Cool Website

This is a website you can waste time on. It has incredible, reality based memes that tang you long hours giggles. ☺️

16. Find The Invisible Cow

I totally cracked when I opened this cool website on the internet.

You need to find the invisible cow on this interesting websites.

Hint: the cow is invisible.

17. Forgotify

It is a cool spotify websites but the difference is it has fewer-known artists that produce great music. It is a great site.

If you are rut to discover new music, you should try out this fun website.

18. The Oatmeal

Oatmeal is an amazing website to cure your boredom. It has plenty of visual based meme content that is a reliable source of funny stories.

19. This Is Sand

This is a cool game website.

Choose your color and build your sand empire. It is a good fun game to pass your leisure time.

20. The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail fun game website

Remember all your childhood memories with this coolest educational game website. Some of us played the Oregon Trail in school – a very few of us made it to the end.

21. Time Lapse

If you love time and space, you would love Google’s Timelapse photography that shows the most amazing past space photography to grizzle your mind. It is fun and cool website to visit and tease your friends.

22. Spend Elon Musk Money

Who doesn’t want to spend Elon Musk Money 💸.

What if I told you that you can spend his fortune and buy as many items as you can.

This cool website is a way to do this. After 5 min of spending, I would only be able to spend 5.077% of his fortune.

It is truly a fun website to kill time. Have you tried?

23. Explore Mount Everest

This cool website was created by the Discovery Channel to explore Mount Everest in 3D.

Do you have courage to climb Mount Everest? Try this fun website.

24. How A Car Works

Let’s make your boring time into learning with this interesting websites.

Learn how to drive a car and its functions.

25. Lamebook

Lamebook cool website

I found this funny website randomly and amaze me so much.

It lets you read people’s stupidity and laugh at it. Perfect to kill ☠️ boring time.

26. The Useless Web

It’s a pretty fun website, however it takes you randomly to a ridiculously useless website.

It took me to a binary music website which is really a useless site to watch. Though it was fun!

27. The Pixel Thought

The Pixel Thought is a 60-second meditation site that helps you kill your stress and feel more connected.

Simply type your bothering thing and hit enter.

I typed ‘my boss’… what you typed?

28. Make your Own Game

Though it is not a cool gaming website, it lets you build flash games while coding for a fun site.

Give it a try if you know C, C++, Java, Python, and other languages.

29. Slither.io

Have you played snake games on mobile in childhood? 👀

Go to this website and reimagine the old-fun snake games.

The snake movement is controlled through mouse movement. And my final snake length score was 187 (I know it’s bad).

What’s yours? 👊

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30. Oddee

Oddee fun, weird website

It is unique as it may sound.

All the earth’s shitty and weirdest things are listed in this coolest website. Give it a shot. 👉

31. Giphy

Giphy is my personal best GIFs shared on social media sites.

It really has a cool, dynamic, and narrative created gif that doesn’t only seem funny but creative though.

32. Fail Blog

It is extremely dedicated to failing pictures and gifs.

The pictures and gif are really fun to read and good movie to watch. I read 30 failing pictures to kill my boring time. 😁

33. People of Walmart

You would love this cool websites to visit.

Extremely dedicated to Walmart people with ever funny dressing styles.

I can’t control my laugh… It’s too awesome. 😲

34. Open Puppies

Do you have puppies? 🐕

Ummm! Don’t try this website, press space button and it shows you the best puppies videos doing adorable things.

35. Uncrate

Uncrate cool website

Uncrate is one of the cool websites from this list.

It gives you a glimpse of most extraordinary cool gadgets you may even haven’t heard yet.

From motorcycle and cars design to Nothing Phone, you can explore the unexpected here.

36. Incredible Things

Do you like doing incredible things? Or Watching 😎?

Incredible things is a website stuffed with lots of incredible and weird things happening around the internet-surface. It is a weird websites that has interesting stuff and is best for time wasting websites.

37. Built With

It is not for you… Kidding 🙂

This website tells you the backend info of any website.

Notably, it illustrates the technology profile, meta data profile, relationship profile and much more.

38. Quora

I read quora spaces everyday. Some of them are funny and most of them are ever-funniest.

It is sure that you can’t control your laugh 😂 and breath.

Otherwise, this is a concentrated educational platform to exchange and share knowledge on subjects.

39. 9Gag

9Gag is most people’s bread and butter. Indeed a fun website for killing boring time. ✌️

You can’t start your day without it because it has some serious epic failing collections of memes, photos, and whatnot.

I dare you stop your laugh for a second. It has the funniest stuff to kill time.

40. Neal.fun

Neal.fun interesting website to kill time

Missed something remarkable? 😫 Try this cool website on the internet.

Neal.fun lets you explore the shattered wonders of the universe. See what the internet looked like 10 years ago, and much more.

41. 5000Best

5000best is a cool sites on the internet.

It is so because it provides you 5000 results in genres of movies, books, games, videos, tools, website, and pictures.

It is a good website to find most of the content of unexpected subjects here.

42. The Internet Map

This one levitates your mind. 😵

The Internet Map shows domains of worldwide companies representing a universe.

The Internet Map displays cool websites with circles and the larger the circle, and the smaller circles.

Did you find yours there?

43. MapCrunch

Have you ever tried traveling virtually?

If not, you love this cool website in this blog.

MapCrunch randomly puts you in the location on Earth. All you have to do is explore.

The experience is unique and amazing. Give it a shot.

44. Stellarium

Stellarium is a fun website 😃 to explore planetariums to see which constellations and planets are out tonight.

Delve into the wonder of skies and planets with Stellarium cool website on the internet.

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45. Radiooooo

Radiooooo fun website to kill time

This is a pretty interesting websites on the internet.

And I was shocked that such websites exist in today’s age.

The website lets you choose a particular region from the world map interface and listen to the local airwaves.

46. Internet Live Stats

Everyone is on the internet, but how many of them.

Do you know? It’s unpredictable 🤔 to answer.

This cool random website gives you live stats of internet landscapes.

47. Lizard Point

Learn Geography with this fun website in your ideal time.

Simple interface, quick fire question round. Answer and win points.

I was very week in Geography ☹️

48. Zoom Quilt

It’s superfun 😀

However, you don’t need to do anything.

It runs automatically and doesn’t know when it stops or finishes zooming.

And the best part is you stop the runaway. Go check it yourself.

49. Passive Aggressive Password Machine

In any case you need a strong password, go to this interesting websites.

Type-in your password in the box and it narrates the credibility in a fun way.

The best part is the words of the caption. Totally fanatic 😁

50. Instructables

Instructables cool website on the internet

Love making DIY projects? Don’t know how to start.

Try Instructables, is a cool website on the internet to know the guide about DIY content.

The community posts step-by-step guides to help you become a DIY professional in no time.

51. Gravity Points

This fun website is an ultimate time pass.

Kill your boredom by allowing to create small gravity centers across your screen with the help of mouse button click.

At some point it explodes…which is a fun part to watch.

That’s all in this fun articles.

I hope you love the list of favorite websites to visit when bored, 50 fun websites to cure time while discover new music and more.

Tell us which cool websites to visit – you like the most.

Alan Jackson

Alan is content editor manager of The Next Tech. He loves to share his technology knowledge with write blog and article. Besides this, He is fond of reading books, writing short stories, EDM music and football lover.

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