5 Technologies a Trucking Business must be Aware Of

5 Technologies a Trucking Business must be Aware Of

by Alan Jackson — 1 year ago in Supply Chain Management 3 min. read

In long-ago-days, the trucking businesses and fleets may have refrained from adopting new technologies because of the inherent resistance to change. However, that attitude has changed drastically — especially recently.

Today, more and more truckers are opening up to the use of technology as an integral part of their work. Here are five technologies a trucking business must be aware of.

Are you among the truckers who are using the best technologies?

Here are the top 5 technologies for truckers to be aware of. Know more and apply these to your advantage.

Top 5 technologies for truckers to be aware of

Electronic Logging Devices (ELD)

With the deadline to its ELD mandate 2019, 16th December, quickly coming, all truckers are now aware of this technology and are working hard to accommodate to it.

The ELD is made up of a digital logbook to monitor a driver’s ROD (Record of Duty) standing, along with other functionalities.

The innovative technology of this ELDs guarantees less prospect of tampering besides decreasing the costs of fleet management and ensuring 100 percent funding. Now, it is among the most crucial technology for trucking companies to know about.

However, before you invest in an affordable ELD for owners and operators, make sure that it is in compliance with the FMCSA regulations.

Trailer Tracking Systems

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Many trucking companies are increasingly embracing this technology to handle their resources and prevent losses, particularly in high-theft places.

Apart from installing a GPS transponder on your vehicles, you might even benefit from wireless technologies to nourish location and other information right into the fleet management program.

Can it be Blackberry’s radar monitoring system or the Asset Manager from MiX Telematics, the trailer monitoring technology is here to make advantage management searchable for the trucking companies.

Some ELD solutions also include elements of Fleet Management that could work like a charm for smaller fleets too.

Collision Avoidance Technology

Regardless of whose fault it’s, the results of injuries are almost always acute, resulting in loss of goods and lifestyles. Hence, trucking companies should invest in powerful collision-avoidance systems to guarantee security on the street.

This technology aims to inform the motorist about any barrier on the road forward, in addition to prevent potential crashes by accepting emergency action.

You can opt for a Selection of Effective collision-avoidance systems Such as the OnGuard Program by Meritor WABCO, Wingman Fusion from Bendix Commercial Vehicle System, and Drivewyze.

Platooning Technology

Truck Platooning is gaining a great deal of focus in the fleet market. The procedure involves installing complex driving support systems from the trucks and employing the exact same to communicate with one another and proceed in the kind of a platoon.

This initiative to set vehicles, being pushed by clever technology, not only enhances communication and streamlines the transportation procedure but also lowers the possibility of mishaps with the assistance of complex braking and accelerating systems.

Truck Platooning is also seeking to embrace automatic driving technologies, and as stated by the biggies from the transportation industry, this will gradually help the business realize its long-time fantasy of self-driving automobiles. Therefore, it might also solve the problems brought on by the lack of truckers.
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Temperature Tracking Software

Among the most intriguing trucking technology which have gained prominence in recent years is fever monitoring and record-keeping for beverage and food transportation.

The Food Safety Modernization Act has maintained that all carriers and providers should stick to a set of regulations and appropriate sanitary requisites while transporting food and associated products.

It is now necessary to keep proper humidity and temperature requirements even within the trucks to guarantee safe shipping and maximum compliance with regulations. The temperature monitoring technology consequently assists the fleet management companies to monitor and document temperature conditions within the vehicles and require corrective actions whenever deemed necessary.

The majority of the temperature monitoring software on the marketplace today not only to meet appropriate temperature requirements from the pipes units but also to deliver the data into the fleet management program attached to its GPS location.

The supply chain and trucking industry are going through a massive change, most of which is caused by their changed attitude towards adopting improved trucking technologies to better the system.

Be it installing ELDs in their vehicles to comply with the ELD mandate 2019 or taking the help of advanced collision-avoidance technology, both business owners, and truckers are leaving no stone unturned to grow and prosper.

As always, some areas motivate others to follow suit. For example, owners and owner-operators of midsize and tiny fleets are in the forefront of investing just in the very best ELD for trucks in California which are according to the FMCSA criteria.

In case you’ve got a trucking company, or even when you’re a trucker yourself, then staying upgraded with these technologies can allow you to drive right into a better future. That is a safe wager.

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