8 Useful Ways To Controlled Room Temperature

Myths About Cooling Your Home and Useful Tips to Control the Temperature

by Bohdan Drozdov — 4 years ago in Health 4 min. read

You might have heard a lot of misconceptions regarding how people expect the cooling devices to work and keep the temperature of the room down. In reality, they don’t work but rather waste your time and hurt your wallet.

Myths About Cooling Your Home

1. Setting a lower temperature on the AC to cool down the room quickly

That isn’t how ACs work to cool down the temperature of the room. The temperature that you set on your AC is actually the expected temperature of the room when AC keeps running consistently.

Setting a lower temperature won’t change the temperature of the air that is blown out or will not put AC in a harder mode to quickly cool down the room.

In fact, the AC has to keep working until the desired temperature of the room is reached and then keep it at the same temperature until the AC is turned off.

2. Turning off AC frequently will save bucks

An AC has to work consistently in order to reach the desired temperature level of the room. But that’s not the end; it has to keep operating to maintain the temperature on the set level.

So turning off an AC isn’t the solution to save money because that also means the temperature will never be maintained. The better solution to save money is to buy an AC with a programmable thermostat, so it can save money by utilizing energy efficiency.

3. A larger AC is always a better cooling solution

In reality, the size of an AC unit should correspond to the space you need to cool down. All devices come with a specifications guide, where you can find how much area it can cover to work best.

As an example, if you have a room of 300 feet square, then you need an AC designed to work on around 300 feet2 of space. If you choose to buy a model with a cooling capacity of 550 feet square, it will only cost you money and not additional cooling of the room.

4. Air Conditioners are intended to cool down air only

The AC technology also affects the humidity levels in your home and can fan dust if not cleaned on time. In order to work best, you are required to follow scheduled cleaning of filters and consider using a humidifier.

5. Having a fan running with AC will keep the room cooler

Fans do not have the mechanism to alter air temperature; they just blow the air in the room to create a wind. So running a fan in a room with AC will only help to move the air blown out of AC in multiple directions, it won’t contribute to cooling the air.

Most of these myths are a result of a lack of understanding of how devices actually operate. As a result, you might waste time and money trying methods that don’t work. As opposed to these myths, here are a few cost-effective tips on how to stay cool at night and keep your home cooler during the day.
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8 Useful Ways to Controlled room temperature

Myths About Cooling Your Home and Useful Tips to Control the Temperature 1

1. Use dark color curtain and keeping them closed during day time

Windows are a great source of sunlight when needed. However, if windows are exposed to sunlight most times during the day, then it will inevitably cause higher room temperature.

Therefore, using dark-colored curtains and keeping them closed during the day time will prevent the exposure of room to direct sun rays. Hence, the AC or portable air cooler will perform the intended function in less time.

2. Use ice cubes or cold water around fans

Fans are intended to move the air around in the room and create the breeze effect. Having a bowl full of ice cubes or chilled cold water will create cool air around the fan, and then it is moved around the room by the fan.

However, it won’t change the room temperature. The moment a fan is turned off, you will feel the same heat level in the room.

3. Set the right mode on your ceiling fan

Ceiling fans have 2 modes, they either create breeze using the air around them, or they push the warm air around them downwards. Ensure that you have the correct setting in place to create a breeze.

4. Try different sleeping arrangements

Another cost-effective tip to enjoy low temperature in a room is a lower level sitting or sleeping arrangements. By nature, warm air stays high in the air, so the temperature near the floor level is always lower. Try setting a mattress on the floor, and you will feel the effect.

5. Take advantage of the nighttime fresh air

While we talk a lot about remedies to lessen the heat in the day time, the question of how to stay cool at night still stands. The key again lies in the windows.

Keep the windows open in the night time and let the cool air pass by the rooms to lower down the temperature. Make sure to close them before the sun rays hit back again after the sunrise.
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6. Use modern inventions

Bed accessories have evolved a lot over the past many years. Mattresses and pillows are now made so that one side is cooler than the other, so check if you’re sleeping on the summer side.

And if your mattress or pillow doesn’t have a summer side, consider investing in one that does. There’s no use in cooling your room if your bed is a true heater.

7. Try the Egyptian way

Using a damp cover sheet is another DIY method to keep the temperature low if you’re using a ceiling fan. Just remember to keep the fan running at slow speed.

Running the fan at high speed may blow away all water sooner than expected and may also bring down body temperature drastically, so use a moderate approach.

8. Take care of all your rooms

You may need air coolers in more than one place in your home. While having a separate cooling device may not fit everyone’s budget, having a portable cooler can solve the problem, as it is easier to move from one place to another. You will find a variety of portable air coolers easily available on the market and easy on the pocket as well.
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There are many misconceptions regarding cooling your home that could even prompt you to waste money. But there are useful tips that actually work and can help you manage the heat more efficiently.

For example, you can shield your home from the sun and open doors or windows when the temperature outside drops. You can also find the best portable air cooler on the market and use one device in any room, moving it around.

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