How Technology Is Changing The Future Of Logistics

How Technology is Changing the Future of Logistics

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Supply Chain Management 3 min. read

The evolution of technology is pushing the boundaries and changing how the world does business. Today, we’re accustomed to everything being online and right at our fingertips for immediate access.

Through Amazon, the pioneer of fast-paced delivery service, it’s possible to receive a package less than an hour after ordering, depending on where you live. Improved technology has also increased productivity in the supply chain, minimizing costs and errors.

These improvements benefit every area of the logistics business: expedited transport, global transport (sea and atmosphere), supply chain management, and shipment tracking. Listed below are five big technology advances that are changing the potential of the logistics business.

How Technology is Changing the Future of Logistics

Shipment Tracking Systems

Previously, customers booked shipments, received an estimated delivery date, and then were left in the dark, unless they decided to make a phone call.

Nowadays, web and software improvements enable customers access to transport and monitoring systems 24/7. Does this improve the user experience, but also saves money and time for your provider too. Shapiro provides Shapiro 360°, a dispatch monitoring system tailored to our clients that allows them to track and manage their own shipments.

It sports shipment messages and notifications, customizable reporting, and client accounts with information particular to the cargo due to them. You can not whine when technology is enabling us to do everything in the comfort of the sofas.
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Internet of Things (IoT) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Can you presume years ago that you would have the ability to turn in your ceiling fan in the smartphone? These days, many devices are created out of built-in Wi-Fi capacities and detectors, from mobile phones and ceiling fans into automobiles. The simple accessibility to Wi-Fi as well as also the internet connects everyone to all, and that’s why it’s called Web of Things.

IoT is opening up many opportunities for its distribution chain, like reducing delays and costs by preventing risks. Sensors are constructed to cabs, freight ships, trains, etc., and link into an alert system or dispatcher that’s tracking and monitoring. These detectors procedure and transmit the data to the team who subsequently gains insight into concealed dangers and comprehension. Though IoT is not a totally new technology, it continues to affect the potential for logistics, enabling for a more precise in-transit visibility and shipping of products.

RFID technology, which has also been used for a couple of decades, is a favorite labor-saving way provider can monitor their stock. A label or detector is set on the merchandise and radio waves have been sent out.

The information is subsequently received and processed from the corporation. Comparable to RFID tags are barcodes, but the exceptional speed of data delivery and information processing systems of RFIDs is much more attractive to companies as well as the way technology is shifting.

These days, many businesses are using RFID tags within their supply warehouses to track containers. Other businesses are already using RFID tags, like the apparel business and major theme parks.
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Autonomous Trucks and Drones

A universe where a pc pushes you from Point A to Point B or you get a bundle from a flying unmanned aerial car sounds just like something from a film, but this is where we are headed. Autonomous automobiles are already a fact with trucks perhaps not too much behind.

Embark and Uber have made long hauls employing autonomous trucks, with Tesla releasing a track that season. While it was not completely driverless, using a driver in the passenger seat to track the computer, it’s a massive step in these breakthrough technologies and has the capability to increase efficiency in the shipping procedure.

Amazon has declared the future of bundles being delivered directly to the doorstep by drones, known as Amazon Prime Air. Drones deliveries continue to be a couple of years out because of regulatory measures and related costs, however, the idea of not needing to sit during a predetermined time period waiting to get a bundle is really attractive.

Enhanced GPS Accuracy

Long gone are the times when you printed out instructions from the computer before you left your home. Now nearly everyone uses GPS, whether built-in in their vehicles on their cellphones. The truth of the devices has radically increased throughout time, not just assisting defeated, missing drivers but also enhancing the supply chain. The innovative accuracy of GPS allows for greater productivity and satisfied clients, by monitoring trucks’ places and improving hauls via access to updated visitor information.
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Social Media

Who does not check some kind of social networking platform daily? The ability of social networking is refining the logistics business and surgeries as a whole.

These programs are getting to be the easiest and most effective way for organizations to communicate with clients, conveying urgent info, business news, and client answers quickly. Based on Hootsuite, 59 percent of Americans that have social networking accounts agree that customer support through social networking has made it simpler to get queries and concerns solved.

To stay competitive and improve efficacy, keeping up with the most recent technology is essential. The logistics business is profiting immensely from the most recent technology and will continue to rise as more improvements are made. The discoveries in technology will continue to push the bounds for a long time to come.

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