What Is Supply Chain Management And How It Works?

What is Supply Chain Management and How it Works?

by Amar Prem — 4 years ago in Supply Chain Management 3 min. read

Supply chain management is a process of sourcing the raw components to an organization and creating the product/services for supplying it to the customers. There is software for the management of the supply chain. The primary goal of this software is for improving the performance of the supply chain. It is a great method to elevate the coordination and collaboration between the suppliers, service providers, distributors, and customers. The greatest example of supply chain management is Walmart and Big Box retailers.

It is true that people avail of the SEO services for increasing the business reach and making it famous digital and uplift the conversion rate. But, if one can’t afford to take the supply chain management lightly. It is the process if follows correctly will surely take the business to the next level.

Importance of the SCM-

Supply chain management is a really important process because it helps to enhance customer satisfaction as well as competitiveness. It ensures smooth and quick delivery products to the customer. This also helps with boosting the profit leverage and reducing the cost of the supply chain. It is also ideal for speeding up the products flows to the end customer. It also helps in a certain way such as-

  • SCM optimize price dynamically
  • Improve the allocating of the available for promising inventory
  • It helps to identify and analyze the specific problem before occurring

Components of the supply chain management-

There are almost 6 important components of the SCM i.e. planning, sourcing, making, delivering, returning and enabling.


For the organization, this is a very important component for supply chain management. It requires managing all resources for meeting the customers’ demand for the product/services. For ensuring an effective and sufficient supply chain, this is one of the most important components to consider.
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Sourcing is another factor that you need to take seriously if you want to ensure smooth supply chain management. For it, companies require the suppliers who are trustworthy and supply the best quality of raw material from which incredible products/services can be prepared. This includes a lot of processes such as ordering, managing inventory, receiving, payments, authorizing and others.


The next component of the supply chain management is the manufacturing of the products along with their quality test. Also, in this step, the SCM manager needs to check the work such as packages for shipping, delivery schedule, and others. It is an ideal component that plays a significant role in the smooth running of SCM while meeting the quality standards.


This component is also an essential one that includes so many factors such as customer orders, dispatching loads, receiving payments, scheduling delivery, invoicing customers and others. In this, a company ensures the proper and on-time delivery of the products to the customers.
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For the defective, unwanted and excess products, a company has an effective component called returning. In the case of the defective and unwanted product, returning components used and items are returned to the warehouse for the sale.


For the smooth operating of the supply chain, another important component is enabling. In enabling process things which are involved are IT, HR, portfolio management, quality assurance, sales, Finance and others.

Key supply chain management process:

There are several kinds of the process involved in the supply chain management and among all the most important ones is which listed below-

  • Demand management
  • Product development
  • Customer service management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Return management
  • Order fulfillment
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SCM works for centrally controlling the production, distributing and shipment of the product. It helps to tightly control the internal production, sales, distribution, internal inventories and inventories of the company vendors. By following the above told five important components, SCM works flawlessly and makes the things easy for every businessman.

All the above information makes it clear to you how important it is to follow the SCM system and make the business smooth. Hope you would like the above information and find it effective. Try to use it. There is no denying that everybody is putting the best efforts to uplift their business and touch the height of success. But not all the businessmen get what they want. The reason is simple because they don’t follow the business standard and put their efforts in the wrong direction.

If you are thinking to enroll in any kind of business and want to involve in the supply chain management system, then it is advised you that follow every step strictly. Your efforts would surely generate the results and take your business to the new direction if you would follow them correctly. If you avail of the services from any outsourcing company, then it would also be beneficial for your business. So, hold on and think deeply before taking any step ahead in any kind of business. Hope you love the read and find it useful and use it in the progress of your business.

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