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7 Best Technologies that could Replace Data Scienc...
By: Richard Gall, Sat December 4, 2021

Data science is both the theory and practice of ideas like predictive analytics, big data, and artificial intelligence. Data science..


Top Demanding Technologies in the Upcoming Decade
By: Richard Gall, Fri December 3, 2021

The phrase “unpredictable,” when it comes to dealing with this epidemic, comes to mind. The Covid-19 epidemic has caused chaos..


Top 6 Reasons Cloud Might Not Be What You Think It...
By: Richard Gall, Fri November 12, 2021

It is important to understand the realities of cloud computing and the different strategies for cloud migration. It is important..


Top 7 Most Common Uses of Cloud Computing
By: Amelia Scott, Thu October 28, 2021

Cloud Computing allows for the provision of high-demand IT resources over the internet using the pay-as-you-go model. Instead of having..


Impact of Cloud-Based Technology on the Healthcare...
By: Amelia Scott, Sun October 17, 2021

Healthcare is one the fastest growing industries, and it is experiencing rapid technological change. Cloud computing is one such technology..


Security Must-Knows for 2021
By: Alan Jackson, Tue October 12, 2021

As companies return to some sense of normality in 2021, both physical and online security continue to be key concerns..


Latest Trends in Big Data and The Future of Big Da...
By: Richard Gall, Fri September 17, 2021

Big data has been a key part of the tech scene since its inception. The strategy and use cases have..

News/Business Ideas

4 Business Technologies All Small Businesses Shoul...
By: Alan Jackson, Thu August 12, 2021

When running a small business, a business owner is tasked with taking care of a lot of things at the..


Top 8 Best Uses Of Cloud Computing
By: Amelia Scott, Sun August 1, 2021

Cloud computing is a combination of a computer paradigm and a set of technologies that allows users to pay for..

News/Mobile Apps

Top Trends in Mobile App Development that will Dom...
By: Amelia Scott, Fri July 23, 2021

Mobile apps have changed how we live our lives over the past few years. Because of their popularity and ease..


7 Best Reasons Of Using A Cloud-Based Legal Softwa...
By: Richard Gall, Sat July 10, 2021

Although it’s difficult to predict the future of the industry, the cloud will play an important role in that evolution...

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