Using Cloud Storage As The Way To Make Education Easier

Using Cloud Storage as The Way to Make Education Easier

by Micah James — 2 years ago in Development 3 min. read

The rapid development of technologies leads to using them anywhere. It makes it possible to switch to the so-called “Cloud services.” The introduction of cloud technologies has been overgrowing. Thanks to them, education has become even more accessible. You can study everywhere: indoors and outdoors. Modern Internet technologies are included in all areas of human life and education.

Cloud Technologies and Essay Database

Modernity requires new approaches to the educational process. There are new methods and forms of presentation of educational information. One of these approaches is using cloud technologies. They allow intensifying the educational process. Technologies can speed up the transfer of knowledge and experience. They improve the quality of training and education. The cloud is a server that stores data and programs that connect to users via the Internet.

Cloud technologies allow consumers to use applications without installing access to personal files. Students can study from any computer with Internet access. Many people think you need special skills to use the storage, but everything is much simpler. After all, there are many resources to which you can get access online. Anyone can find and read the writingbros essay database and understand how repositories work. Students can use these essays for study. This way, you will learn how to use cloud services and maximize the effectiveness of your studies.

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Cloud in Education

Cloud technologies are a reasonably new phenomenon on the Internet. They are based on the concept of Web 2.0. It provides users with the opportunity to create and edit content independently. One of the first and most successful Web 2.0 projects is Wikipedia, built in 2001, where any user can add and edit articles. At the same time, all content created and uploaded by users is stored not on their computers but on the server of the development company. Three key points characterize the implementation of cloud technologies in education:

  • Content created by the user himself — a teacher, pupil, or student.
  • We are storing user-generated content on a remote server, making it always available for online viewing and editing.
  • Delimitation of access rights. The content owner can specify who has the right to view and modify the materials.

Cloud technologies in education are prevalent, and users are overgrowing. In 2008, Google Corporation offered educators a free package of Google Apps for Education cloud services. At that time, it was connected by about 80 thousand teachers and students in the USA. Today, G Suite for Education has more than 70 million users worldwide. Such rapid growth indicates cloud technologies’ relevance, popularity, demand, and usefulness. The leaders in providing cloud services for education are the Google and Microsoft corporations, which offer free packages of cloud services to educational institutions.

G Suite for Education

All the information created and uploaded by the user is stored on a remote server is quite convenient. Thanks to this, it is possible to access your materials free from any point where there is an Internet connection to provide other users with a link to this material for viewing, editing, or collaborative work. However, under such conditions, the choice of a service provider is critical because the preservation of the created materials depends on their reliability, safety, and durability.

Google Drive

Google Drive is cloud storage that stores user files. In general, these can be files of any type, but most often in pedagogical practice, files in the format:

  • .doc (.docx) — notes, developments, scenarios, tasks for independent work, etc.;
  • .pdf — textbooks, manuals, reference books, popular science literature, collections of scientific works, Olympiad tasks, etc.;
  • .ppt (.pptx) – Microsoft PowerPoint presentations;

Conveniently, you can open these files directly in the browser. There is no need to install additional software to view them. The practicality of use consists in the fact that there is an opportunity:

  • Saving backup copies of the user’s files will keep you from losing your work in case of any problems with the computer.
  • Saving valuable materials from the Internet.
  • Presenting materials in a more convenient form for educational purposes.
  • Giving students and their parent’s access to educational materials. Thanks to it, students can work with the material at their own pace. Also, they can make up for missed material and expand and deepen their knowledge. Parents can monitor children’s learning.
  • Shared access to materials with colleagues and joint work on them. Students can compare and agree on positions. They can conduct virtual workshops, access all teachers of the educational institution to valuable materials for them;

What are The Advantages of Using The Cloud?

Cloud services can help to create various situations. So, students can learn and practice the skills needed in the 21st century. The advantages of using cloud-based learning include:

  • activation of students’ educational activities and motivation to study increases;
  • the saving of study time. The emphasis shifts to practicing skills, developing logical thinking and memory;
  • there is an opportunity to interact with educational services. That generally increases the effectiveness of the educational process.


Today, it is almost impossible to imagine life without a computer, the Internet, and IT technologies. All this explains the need to use new global information developments in education. Cloud services are one of the innovations that can help. The implementation of cloud storage education is an excellent solution to the problems. The main thing is to combine traditional learning with modern technologies.

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