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Top 7 Ways to protect yourself form scam calls on ...
By: Alan Jackson, Tue February 2, 2021

I just happened to call my parents at the right moment. Worried that my dad wasn’t picking up his cell..


WhatsApp may face CCI heat over privacy policy cha...
By: Amelia Scott, Tue January 19, 2021

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy aimed at allowing the messaging app to share extensive metadata and business chats with parent Facebook..

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Tips for Keeping Your Business Premises Safe
By: Alan Jackson, Mon January 11, 2021

Owning a business is no mean feat, and any steps that can be taken to ease the burden of the..


WhatsApp updates privacy policy now data sharing i...
By: Amelia Scott, Thu January 7, 2021

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, unveiled on Monday, enables the encrypted messaging app to share significantly more commercial user data with..


How to Perform Your Own Security Checkup
By: Alan Jackson, Wed January 6, 2021

With each passing moment, the world of tech introduces a new feature of technology. The idea of having improved technology..


How Hackers are Using Malware to Steal Fingerprint...
By: Victor Fredung, Thu December 24, 2020

From the past couple of years, the usage and complexity of malware have become slightly inclined, somewhere technology specialists and..


Top 3 Cybersecurity Measures to Ensure Safety in 2...
By: Alan Jackson, Wed December 23, 2020

As the year ends, cybersecurity continues to remain top-of-mind for business owners around the world. The year marked an increase..


Data Security: Tips to Keep Your Financial and Per...
By: Alan Jackson, Wed December 16, 2020

Cybersecurity is now a huge concern for many people, and cybercriminals are no longer exclusively targeting big companies and enterprises,..


Important Cyber Hygiene Practices
By: Alan Jackson, Tue December 15, 2020

Well over 90% of successful cyber-attacks are a direct or indirect result of human error. These errors include opening malicious..


Best 5 Data Backup Cases in 2020: Learn from Exper...
By: Eva Green, Wed September 2, 2020

Technological advancements play a critical role in enhancing data security through viable backup solutions. Although organizations may use efficient strategies,..


How to Detect and Prevent Workplace Spying?
By: Nord VPN, Fri August 21, 2020

It probably comes as no surprise that employers often track what they’re employees are up to. However, the depths to..

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