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Top 6 Technologies That will Reshape Marketing in ...
By: Richard Gall, Fri January 3, 2020

Ingenious search engines which browse a multitude of budding sites, together with the initial online exhibit and search advertisements, marked..


Myths about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
By: Alan Jackson, Sat November 30, 2019

It is no secret that blockchain technology is already disrupting traditional ways of doing business. However, many myths surrounding blockchain..


Digital Lending and the 7 Primary Benefits Associa...
By: Isabella Rossellinee, Sun November 17, 2019

The size of the market of most of the online lending platforms from different parts of the globe is going..

News/Mobile Apps

App Development in Singapore: Why it Helps to Hire...
By: Shagun bagra, Sun November 10, 2019

Across the world, enterprises are shifting to newer technology to improve efficiency and customer connect. Apps help teams align and..


How Digital Transformation is Helping Improve the ...
By: Shagun bagra, Fri November 8, 2019

The growing change in the way technology is consumed has changed many industries in its wake. This includes the sports..

News/Business Ideas

Is the UAE at the ‘Cusp of Digital Disruption’...
By: Shagun bagra, Tue November 5, 2019

The UAE has been at the forefront of digitization and smart revolution for quite some time now. It is, after..

News/Supply Chain Management

Must-Have Application Features to Automate Your Ma...
By: Shagun bagra, Thu October 31, 2019

Manufacturing plants involve complex processes that include raw materials, finished goods inventory and workforce management. Here, maintaining efficiency in the..

News/Business Ideas

Xamarin : The next big Thing in Mobile App Develop...
By: Shagun bagra, Mon October 7, 2019

Since Microsoft announced a global collaboration with Xamarin at the beginning of this year, the mobile app development world took notice of..


The Intelligent use of Big Data on an Industrial S...
By: David Smith, Sat September 28, 2019

Big Data is the data that comprises a larger variability of information at a much higher velocity, easily available at..

News/Artificial Intelligence

How Does Artificial Intelligence Enhance The Inter...
By: Kenneth Evans, Sat September 21, 2019

<span style=”display: inline;border-radius: 4px; padding: 4px 10px 4px 0px;background-color: #d5e9ff;”>Have you noticed that artificial intelligence is getting more popular among..

News/Mobile Apps

Must-Have Features for Your Real-Estate Mobile App
By: Shagun bagra, Fri September 20, 2019

The real estate industry is witnessing sustainable developments in streamlining the processes and reducing time and costs through unique perks..

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