10 Best Online Coding Courses For Kids

10 Best Online Coding Courses for Kids

by Amelia Scott — 2 years ago in Top 10 2 min. read

Coding courses will help children grasp more about maths, physics and programming at an earlier stage.

Coding has been a prominent topic in this generation. This has made technology more accessible. It’s the use of a programming language to make a computer behave as we want.

It is a skill in which programmers translate instructions into a language that can be understood by machines.

Encouragement and support for children to learn coding early in their lives will allow them to develop this skill and make it a career. This article lists the best online coding courses that kids can learn this year.

10 Best Online Coding Courses for Kids

Minecraft With Mods

This is an online course that has been a huge success. The online coding classes teach kids how to modify Minecraft. This includes learning about blocks, items, creatures and how the world works in a programmatic way.

Introduction To Coding

This course is offered by WhiteHat Jr and focuses on teaching code, logic, structure and algorithm. This course is for students in grades 1-10. It has IIT- and IB-trained staff and offers many online summer courses, from beginner to professional.

Scratch Programming

This programming online course allows kids to get ahead with the popular Scratch platform. Classes provide an overview of Scratch’s visual programming environment. They also teach the fundamental areas of branching, iteration and variables.

Code Combat

Code Combat teaches JavaScript and Python coding with text-based programming. Children can play different levels of an RPG (role playing game), and they also learn how to code in Python or JavaScript.


Blockly teaches programming principles, and introduces JavaScript through a block-based programming method. It’s similar to solving a puzzle except that the children connect pieces of code and each puzzle is a block of codes.

Python Coder

This online class for children teaches all about the popular Python programming language. Beginning with coding logic, the children will then learn more about Python and how it can be used. The virtual coding course covers a variety of topics such as variables and data types.

Cue Mathematics

It’s one of the most popular live-class platforms in math and coding. Their curriculum is accredited by STEM.org and has reached more than 100,000 students in over 20 countries.

They emphasize building mathematical and logical skills in students. Students who want to create apps or games using computational thinking can take coding courses.

Java Coder

These Java coding classes start with an examination of the coding logic. The children will be taught how to code using pseudocode and flowcharts. They will apply what they’ve learned to create fun game-based activities.

Code Monkey

Code Monkey teaches children coding using fun online games. The code will allow children to help a monkey collect bananas. Through a series of challenges, the player eventually learns how to code to create his or her own game.

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