10 Best Pricing Strategies For Your Saas Product

10 Best Pricing Strategies for Your Saas Product

by Promoth Babu — 4 years ago in Top 10 7 min. read

If a technology fulfills the marketing strategy to use its brand, it is the saas product. SaaS products are products that change modern technology like mobile app development and help people move more towards the new technological lifestyle.

When you find the right balance between value and revenue – your ability to help customers and get paid fairly for that help – your SaaS business will grow or defend itself.

At the point when you start your SaaS, it very well may be an adoration work. an approach to fulfill a distinguished requirement for yourself as well as other people. In any case, in the event that you need to continue building up your item, you need to bring in cash.

Also, the most ideal approach to do that is to get the costs right. You can rake in tons of cash by doing this. Ongoing examination proposes that at the organization alone, over 27% of uses are SaaS-based and produce $ 50.8 billion in income.

Characterize the setting for SaaS estimating

Before we plunge into the procedures utilized by SaaS organizations, there is still some basis to be finished. Lincoln Murphy (referenced as of late in our outline on Marketing Your SaaS Off) noticed that the estimating methodology isn’t just about the side you use.

Organizations likewise need to genuinely consider their market position, level of administration, and consumer loyalty.

This implies preparing:

where you position yourself in the market

What sort of clients would you like to draw in?

What number of clients would you like to present with your SaaS?

What advantages do you get at various degrees of administration?

how long will your customer’s life expectancy last

regardless of whether you serve organizations, direct clients or both

Pondering these issues can assist you with seeing the estimation of your SaaS and make it simpler to consider evaluating levels and packages. Numerous organizations need to reevaluate them after some time and change their procedures as indicated by the requirements of the market.

Here are the absolute best SaaS evaluating models utilized by organizations, alongside a portion of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Let’s take a look at the strategies for the saas products and how to make a success on it.

10 Best Pricing Strategies for Your Saas Product

  1. Storage Pricing :

Often every website hosting company and Distributed (cloud) storage organizations frequently utilize layered estimating dependent on the measure of capacity individuals need.

For example, with Google, you can provide 15 GB of capacity for your recording. At this point, you will have to pay for additional costs. Also, organizations like Bluehost let you have a specific measure of capacity free, at that point you need to pay.

which also helps to keep their customers to choose their needs and stratification.


  1. Highlight Based Pricing :

Another normal SaaS evaluating model is to separate costs in levels dependent on the administrations and overhauls accessible to clients.

For example, if you run an invoicing organization, your customers are likely to focus on how many customers they can monitor or how many requests they can send. Working out which is most significant will assist you in concluding how to stack your evaluating levels.

10 Best Pricing Strategies for Your Saas Product 1

  1. For Free :

Another methodology is to give amazing usefulness to free, at that point have a scope of overhauls. For instance, you can get a ton out of LinkedIn with the free form, however, there are a few overhaul bundles custom fitted to the particular needs of employment searchers, scouts, entrepreneurs, and sales reps.

This functions admirably if your extra administrations have a genuine incentive for your intended interest group, yet there’s consistently a threat that the vast majority won’t need – or need – to overhaul, as Hubstaff discovered.

In the end, they had a ton of free clients using a ton of their ancillary assets. Accordingly, Hubstaff decreased the administrations accessible on the free arrangement.

free hosting

  1. Tier/subscription fee price :

At the time of the free survey, some organizations charge a flat rate for all newly designed administrations without further separation. That’s what MOZ did with its free all-in-one SEO toolbar for research on the go.

Nonetheless, the organization has likewise presented Business and Agency plans with layered estimating. This is a basic alternative for clients and makes it simple for SaaS organizations to make certain of the income they’ll be getting.


The best price that increases the brand and updates the products and more participation works here as more users try the package of the first 30 days, which also helps users on the right track. The only thing that the product produces is a valuable tool or service for the user.
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  1. Modify their administration bundle

One approach to talking to your customers is to allow them to change your management pack. So you can choose the extra items you need. There is a fee for this technical assistance, but you will receive your own package.

10 Best Pricing Strategies for Your Saas Product 2

  1. Free with advertising:

Another pricing option is to make your main product free but generates income by giving access to your audience. Use this for your SaaS and you could be making money while making your customers’ love.

Another company that has successfully implemented a level of freemium advertising is Wix. When you sign up, you will automatically be included in the free plan and can upgrade to any premium plan, remove the ads, and unlock more features.

Free services are not a loss where the upcoming plans will help to collect the reconvene and also produce the value for the services by the business.

10 Best Pricing Strategies for Your Saas Product 3

  1. Pay according to the user :

ClickUp has been causing a ripple effect with an estimating model dependent on the number of dynamic clients in an association.

This tends to be a portion of the issues of the first SaaS evaluating system recorded in this gathering. ClickUp incorporates a free arrangement, in addition to a couple of levels, however, the abnormal element is that while organizations focus on a level.

One of the best strategies where the more users can engage for product usage and also can make a huge brand for the business which also makes a plus point with the free of cost and allows to find the best review which should be updated on the product later.

10 Best Pricing Strategies for Your Saas Product 4

  1. Pay more only as you need more Functions:

Google Cloudflare is one of the web services that you can also use to create an account. You get $ 300 both free for 90 days and where you can use it however you want, applications or hosting services and web-related and also where you get most of the functionality when you spend money on services you need.

The more valuable services there are, the more trustworthy and multi-brand the company like Google becomes the best search engine, and it also offers services that can create multiple services.

10 Best Pricing Strategies for Your Saas Product 5

  1. Layered User Pricing

Identified with this is the system of layered client evaluating, where the quantities of allowed clients increment in groups as opposed to single digits.

For example, a given SaaS organization can cost up to 5 clients, up to 10 clients, and so on. This has a portion of similar detriments as ordinary per-client estimating and doesn’t speak to an incentive for individuals like solopreneurs who may require extra highlights yet not extra clients.

In case you’re offering levels, consider the number of alternatives and how you show them as this could influence income.

10 Best Pricing Strategies for Your Saas Product 6

  1. Costs per user

Per-client valuing is a typical SaaS evaluating model, where you pay various sums relying upon the quantities of individuals utilizing the administration.

It’s like the model utilized by numerous organizations for physical programming authorizing, yet it’s not great.

particularly in case, you’re working with organizations where there might be various clients. It’s about reducing the number of people within a company who can know and love your product.

The model likewise restricts the possible number of dynamic clients, which is awful news for the wellbeing of your SaaS organization. Indeed, some of the time, per client, evaluating works, however much of the time, a worth based methodology is better.

10 Best Pricing Strategies for Your Saas Product 7
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Ending Up :

Few things may change a huge revenue for the company at least spending an hour working with the strategies which help to achieve a small milestone in the business.

There are many strategies but find which can help you and where it should the pricing calculation and value pricing and the emotional pricing tactics.

In Saas marketing, using tips and tricks leads to a big change in Saas products where the products also need branding. Hence, it is easy to give the customer the need to achieve the product reach.

When developing a product design, understand that the user needs a product that suits their pricing strategy needs and develop a landing page with clear product pricing information and sales tips should be added.

Promoth Babu

Promoth Babu works as a Digital Marketing Executive at Squash Apps Pvt Ltd. Squash Apps is a mobile app development company. He works with the love of passion and likes to take failure in this life to reach the milestone of success. Whatever you do! Try and implement this, but never back down.

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