The Best Of 10 Penetration Testing Tools For 2022

The Best of 10 Penetration Testing Tools for 2022

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Top 10 4 min. read

Security of any website, application, or computer system can be ensured by using penetration testing tools. Companies can use penetration testing to simulate cyber attacks on their systems in order to find vulnerabilities that criminals might be the ability to exploit. Penetration testing is also useful in the context of web app security.

With penetration testing becoming more popular, there are many tools that can help companies assess the security of their technology. We’re going today to discuss the best penetration testing tools available for 2022.


SQLMap is a state-of-the-art SQL injection tool that automates the process of accessing databases servers and detecting and exploiting SQL injection flaws. SQLMap technology supports all the common targets for penetration testing, including Microsoft Access and Oracle as well as MSSQL and many others. It’s also very simple for beginners.

SQLMap’s powerful detection engine and the large community of experts that are available to answer your questions make it appealing to many companies. It is still a top tool for penetration testing.

Kali Linux

Kali Linux, formerly known as BlackTrack Linux penetration test technology, is now maintained by offset. It is optimized in every way for excellent penetration testing. Although the solution can be run on its own hardware you will find most penetration testers using Kali virtual machines for Windows and OS X.

Kali comes with all the tools that you would expect from a top pen-testing company. There are also customization options to allow companies to build more sophisticated penetration testing strategies. You will also find extensive documentation with tips and recipes to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

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Burp Suite

Burp Suite is the best tool to test web applications for penetration testing. Burp Suite includes full Proxy capturing, command injection options, and everything businesses need in order to gain deeper insight into their systems. Burp Suite UI can also be fully optimized to simplify your workflows.

Configs can be saved on a per-job basis. You also have access to tools that automate and scale web vulnerability scanning systems. Today, there are thousands of customers who use the Burp Suite penetration testing environment.


Acutenix is a fully automated and simple-to-use tool for testing website and application vulnerabilities. It can detect and report more than 4500 vulnerabilities including XSS, SQL injection, and other XSS. Acunetix technology can automate some of the testings that a professional would need to do to track all issues in a network.

Acunetix also supports HTML5, JavaScript and CMS systems. It can also support single-page applications. Acunetix also offers a variety of manual tools and integrations that can be used with issue trackers to help penetration testers.

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Metasploit is the most widely-used penetration testing tool in the world. It started as an open-source project. The solution today helps security teams to verify vulnerabilities, increase security awareness, and manage complete assessments.

The Metasploit website provides a lot of information for beginners that will help you to gain a better understanding of your security strategy as well as identify any potential weaknesses. This environment allows users to scan for vulnerabilities and gather evidence that can be used for auditing purposes.


Tenable’s Nessus is a commercial penetration test tool that’s available under a variety of licensing models. Nessus is a great tool for companies that don’t feel comfortable using open-source software. It allows companies to scan the target machine and identify running services. Then, it provides a complete list of vulnerabilities.

Because it is so easy to use and leverage, the Nessus technology is especially compelling. Each scan gives penetration testers guidance on how to fix potential vulnerabilities so they can quickly take action.

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Network mapper (or “NMAP”) is a popular tool to explore target networks or systems. There are many scan types available to help you leverage the solution’s knowledge. These scans help companies find vulnerabilities in their networks and implement stronger security strategies.

Nmap is a configurable and user-friendly open-source program that has been a favorite choice for many years. For beginners, Zenmap is a simpler version.

John the Ripper

John the Ripper is perhaps the most well-known password cracking tool on the market. It focuses on finding weak passwords in a system and exposes them. This technology is for business leaders and aims to identify weak credentials that could be causing vulnerabilities in their environment. The pen-testing tool can be used for security and compliance purposes.

The technology can be used on any operating system because it is open-source. Recent updates have included “Pro” and “Jumbo” versions of the solution, along with additional insights.


Wireshark, one of the most effective and popular network protocol analyzers in the world is able to show which protocols and systems are active in a network, which accounts have the highest activity, and when attackers attempt to intercept sensitive data.

Wireshark gives business leaders a complete view of their network at the microscopic level. This allows them to inspect all types of protocols. The live capture, offline analysis, and rich VoIP analytics can all be accessed from one place.

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