Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Which Will Produce 10X Income By 2022

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Which will Produce 10X Income by 2022

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Top 10 3 min. read

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies currently available and many are predicted to have a bright future

In the cryptocurrency marketplace, digital tokens will continue to grow. Many cryptocurrencies are in circulation now and have a bright future. While some cryptocurrencies are stable, like USD coins and Tether, others show remarkable results such as Terra, Shiba Inu, and Bitcoin. The potential for cryptocurrencies to flourish in 2022 is greater than that of 2021. The existing cryptocurrencies and the new ones are of great interest to crypto investors. They can also invest in digital wallets, also known as blockchain wallets. This article lists the 10 top cryptos that will generate 10x income by 2022.

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Blockster (BXR)

The BXR token, an advertising token, powers Blockster’s ecosystem, and high-traffic platform. Blockbuster’s increasing advertiser and user base directly affect the token’s value. It is a community that teaches you the intricacies of cryptocurrency and decentralized projects. It’s also not a single platform. One of my articles, which was critical of the mindless speculation towards meme coins, was well-received.

Aeternity (AE)

Aeternity is a blockchain stage centered around high data transfer capacities executing, just utilitarian keen contracts and decentralized prophets. It was founded in 2017. It aims to eliminate wasteful aspects of the crypto market by increasing the adaptability of brilliant contracts, dApps, sharding, and off-chain contract execution. Turing-complete, savvy contracts on the Aeternity chain allow exchange execution without the involvement of outsiders.

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Monolith (TKN)

Monolith, a decentralized alternative to traditional banking powered by Ethereum, is available. Monolith is a non-custodial contract wallet that allows you to securely store Ethereum-based tokens. They can then be converted for fiat and loaded onto their Monolith Visa debit cards. Contract Wallet is open-source and non-custodial. Advanced security features are built into the wallet to ensure that funds are protected in case of an attack. Monolith Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide and are currently available to EEA residents (31 European countries).


VIBE (VIBE), a cryptocurrency, is currently operating on the Ethereum platform. The token has risen to 4.5X in the last week. This puts it close to the mark of 10X. VIBE may still have some fuel left for 2022, despite the outsized performance.

LockTrip (LOC)

LockTrip (LOC), a stage that is both fiats- and blockchain-based monetary forms, has an environment that functions as a property rental and lodging postings site. The LOC token is its local currency. They want to transfer the smallest possible expenses to the lodging or convenience areas, thereby avoiding the need for commission-based administrations at the specialist co-op closes.

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EncrypGen (DNA)

EncrypGen (DNA), a cryptocurrency, operates on the Ethereum platform. It provides top-tier security to clients and associates, as well as blockchain security for sharing, re-advertising, and ensuring genomics information. It allows science, business, and people to safely achieve their goals.

Zigcoin (ZIG)

Zigcoin, another low-priced digital asset is similar to EncrypGen. It features favorable arithmetic. ZIG is currently trading at just 11 cents per coin at the time this article was written. To generate a 10X return, ZIG would only have to increase a little more than a buck. Zigcoin is a token that underpins the Zignaly social investing platform. It can be categorized as an asset management blockchain project.

Epik Protocol (EPK)

The Epik Protocol is dedicated to the creation of a decentralized, large-scale, ultra-decentralized knowledge graph. It organizes and inspires members of the global community to use decentralized storage technology (IPFS), a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), as well as a token economy model (Token Economy) to transform knowledge from various fields into a knowledge network. This everlasting human knowledge base is shared, updated, and shared by all, which expands the vision of artificial intelligence (AI) towards a more intelligent future.

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PlayDapp (PLA)

PlayDapp token, a digital asset that can be used to trade and purchase NFT items in games as well as with the global C2C marketplace “”, is the PlayDapp blockchain gaming ecosystem. PlayDapp brings the benefits of blockchain technology to the gaming industry, such as lower costs, increased security, and unmatched convenience. The PlayDapp platform has been featured on numerous mainstream media outlets, indicating that it is poised for greatness.

All Sports (SOC)

All Sports operate on the Ethereum platform. All Sports witnessed enticing gamblers and dramatic appointments earlier in the year. SOC reached 5.5 cents in May when many cryptos printed previous records. It is worth 7X more to get back to the current level than it is now. SOC was just below 30 cents for all-time highs.

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