10 Best AI Platform For Business In 2022

10 Best AI Platform for Business in 2022

by Alex Noah — 2 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 3 min. read

AI platforms are a boon for businesses who are constantly looking to improve their output. Artificial intelligence platforms allow businesses to maximize their efficiency and provide many benefits such as taking over redundant tasks, providing deeper insight into data for better decision making, providing data management capabilities and more.

10 Best AI Platform for Business in 2022

AI-powered platforms are a boon for businesses that are constantly looking for ways to reduce their output. This article lists the 10 most popular AI platforms in 2022.

1. C3 Artificial Intelligence

C3 AI is one of the most popular AI platforms. It focuses on providing AIsoftware technology to the leading enterprises in order to accelerate digital transformation.

Artificial Intelligence Suite is an AI platform that provides Artificial Intelligence Suite, which can be used to design, develop, deploy, and run industrial-scale enterprise AI apps on various cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and others.
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2. Dataiku

Dataiku, an AI platform for enterprises, allows them to transform raw data into advanced analytics and data visualization. The company recently announced an online fully-managed version of its Enterprise Artificial Intelligence platform.

This will help small businesses grow more efficiently and effectively. The tech company can also deploy a multi-node production-ready instance of Dataiku within the Microsoft Azure environment to different companies.

3. Datakeen

Datakeen, a well-known tech company, edits an enterprise AI platform that offers a 100 percent integrated solution.

This AI platform is made up of several modules that allow for the integration of artificial Intelligence. It offers ready-to use models, role and control management interfaces, as well as adaptability and workflow engine.
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4. Databricks

Databricks is a leading enterprise Artificial Intelligence cloud platform for machine learning and advanced data science projects. It can be used to deploy advanced data science projects in companies efficiently and effectively.

The tech company is known for raising billions in Series G to fund the AI platform via business intelligence.

It offers a single AI platform that can handle multiple tasks, such as ETL, and multiple functionalities in artificial intelligence. Databricks uses four tools to create intelligent functionality: Apache Spark, DeltaLake and MLFlow.

5. Dialogflow

Dialogflow is a tool that understands natural language and turns it into conversation ideas. The tool also analyzes the interaction process with users to improve user experience.

This AI platform can be used to create interactive voice- and text-based applications. This Artificial Intelligence platform supports any platform.
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6. Google AI Platform

Google AI platform allows machine learners, data scientists, and data engineers to effectively deal with a variety of unfamiliar problems.

The Google AI platform also includes a toolchain that allows businesses to create and manage machine learning apps on their own. Kubeflow is also supported by the Google Artificial Intelligence platform.

Enterprises can create ML pipelines using this open-source platform. These ML pipelines run flawlessly in the Google cloud without any modifications to existing codes.

7. GAiA

Tech Mahindra is launching GAiA, another top AI platform. Tech Mahindra, AT&T and Linux Foundation collaborated to create this Artificial Intelligence platform.

It is well-known for its E2E AI lifecycle management platform that pre-trained production quality models and allows the reuse of existing machine learning models.
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8. DataRobot Enterprise AI Platform

It is used to prepare data and automate the creation and maintenance of time series and machine learning models.

DataRobot Enterprise AI Platform can be used on multiple cloud platforms as well as on-premises environments. It is also available as a fully managed service.

9. IBM

IBM PowerArtificial Intelligence has been launched by IBM. It includes resources like IBM support portal, IBM fixes center, IBM passport advantage and IBM Redbooks. IBM developers can also access these resources.

This enterprise AI environment requires different hardware and software. The automated installer is a beta function that automates some setups and installs with the integration artificial intelligence.
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10. MindMeld

MindMeld is a conversational Artificial Intelligence platform that helps businesses improve their chat and voice assistants. This Artificial Intelligence platform can be used for personal and professional purposes.

Users can also interact with customers via chat and voice assistance, providing more relevant responses. MindMeld artificial intelligence platform allows users to search for music and videos based on their needs.

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