Top 10 AI Technologies For Your Business In Future

Top 10 AI Technologies for Your Business in Future

by Alex Noah — 2 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 3 min. read

These are the top 10 technologies that will optimize your business in 2022.

The world has made great strides in technological advancements since the invention of the abacus and the advent of quantum computers.

100 years ago, manual labour was the mainstay of human labor. Simple tasks like arithmetic took too long and were tedious. This challenge was recognized and various technologies were developed to perform complex calculations.

Top 10 AI Technologies for Your Business

These technologies were quickly developed and recognized by the world as a promising technology. Calculations are now more accurate and faster. These technologies are used in many industries including business, research, innovation, defense, medicine, and commerce.

1. Natural Language Generation

Even for humans, it can be difficult to communicate effectively and efficiently. Data processing by systems is different from information processing by the brain.

It can also be extremely difficult and complicated. This is an AI technology branch that transforms text into data and helps people with symptoms to communicate their thoughts and ideas seamlessly.
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2. Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition is the process of transforming human speech into a format that computer software can understand.

It is becoming a common practice to transcribe and transform human language into usable formats. OpenText, NICE and Nuance Communications offer speech recognition services.

3. Machine Learning Platforms

Its mission is to develop innovative ways to allow computers to learn, and thus become more intelligent. ML platforms are becoming more popular due to algorithms, APIs (application program interfaces), training tools, large data, and other applications.

They are often used for forecasting and categorization. Companies such as Amazon, Google Fractal Analytics and Microsoft, Ad Text, and many others sell ML platforms.
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4. Virtual Agents

Virtual agents are software programs or software that can communicate with people efficiently. According to the 15 most popular AI technologies, AI is currently being used in customer service through Chatbots as well as smart home management. Artificial Solutions, Assist AI and Satisfi are some of the companies offering virtual assistants.

5. Decision Management

Artificially intelligent robots can instill logic in AI systems to help them in training, management, tuning, and other tasks. Decision management is a feature that organizations are adding to their apps in order to drive and execute automated decisions.

This will increase the company’s value and make it more profitable. This technology is used by companies such as Informatica and UiPath, Maana and Pegasystems.
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6. AI Optimized Hardware

With the help of central processing units and enhanced graphics, devices are being built and used to perform AI-oriented tasks accurately. This is illustrated by the AI-optimized silicon chips, which can be inserted into any device.

Businesses and organizations are investing heavily in AI to help accelerate the development of next-generation services. This technology service is provided by companies such as Google, Intel and Alluviate.

7. Deep Learning Platforms

Deep learning platforms, a type ML, use neural circuits similar to the ones found in the human brain to process information and find trends for decision-making.

It is used for speech recognition, image recognition, prediction, and all other functions that can be found in the digital domain. Deep Instinct is among the companies that offer deep learning platforms.
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8. Robotic Process Automation

Automation refers to the imitation and automation of human processes in corporate processes. It is important to understand that Artificial Intelligence is not meant to replace humans, but rather to augment and complement their capabilities. This procedure is offered by UiPath and Blue Prism, Pega Systems, Automation Anywhere and WorkFusion.

9. Biometrics

Biometrics refers to the science of recognising and measuring the physical characteristics of the human body. Biometrics uses touch, body language, and words to create organic interactions between people and machines.

It is used mainly for market research. This technology service is offered by VR, FaceFirst and Sensory, Affectiva as well as Agnitio, Synqera and Tahzoo.
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10. Cyber Defense

Cyber defense is a computer defense mechanism that detects, prevents and mitigates attacks and threats to systems and data infrastructure. To detect cybersecurity risks and uncover suspicious user activity, learning technologies can be made using neural networks that are capable of processing a variety of inputs.

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