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AI Changing Pen Testing Game Worldwide

AI Changing Pen Testing Game Worldwide

Alan Jackson
by Alan Jackson — 4 weeks ago in Artificial Intelligence 5 min. read

The need for penetration testing services arose a century back when the attacks on the systems became frequent. Lots of companies started losing their sensitive data and it affected their customers in the worst way possible.

The loss of sensitive data is exactly when (and why) the world saw another technical industry rising.

You can see one pen testing company giving way to a whole new industry of penetration testing. The company collected the best tech brains and asked them to come up with solutions to stop cybercriminals from harming organizations and individuals.

However, the field of cybercriminals and testers changes faster than any other technical field.

Cyber Criminals keep coming up with new sorts of viruses and cyber-attacks. To save people from falling into these traps, testing companies needed to evolve enough to plan for these viruses and stay one step ahead of the criminals.

Let’s dive into the history of penetration testing to see how it has evolved over time.

Penetration Testing or Pen Testing in the Beginning

Firms always had a motive to elect for penetration testing to keep at a fantastic distance from malware and other viruses.

To start with, penetration testing was just created for systems — which makes them protected from each angle. Soon it was found that a company can be targeted via phishing and social existence too.

The multi-angled attacks forced penetration testing companies to come up with solutions for every possible cyber threat.

The majority of the time, testing has been performed manually by which a group of testers would sit understand the applications, list down all of the prerequisites, and construct test cases.

These test cases were subsequently run one by one along with also the standing of each test case was listed. Ultimately, a report has been prepared for its programmers to comprehend the probable loopholes present, approaches to recreate them and suggestions to pay them.

Different techniques were introduced in the market to suit different requirements of the people.

On the other hand, the measures were nearly always exactly the same as it involved a group of individual testers to perform all the tasks. Then came the age of advanced technologies; ones driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Machine Learning technology was clever but was open to the cybercriminals to attack and get hang of it.

Though every pencil testing company believed it was a fantastic idea to utilize manual testing with this new kind of technician, IoT, they neglected all the period.

The collapse obviously called for new tactics to be invented and employed for the improvement of the individuals and organizations utilizing AI and ML tech gadgets.
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The Era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Although testers were still trying their very best to combat new cyber dangers with the support of manual testing, they lost the struggle several times.

At the hands of criminals, Artificial intelligence began getting more of a danger instead of being a boon.

When AI turned into a threat to offenders is when the area of pencil testing introduced a fresh turn ever.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning has been made part of penetration testing. Different AI and ML methods and resources were created to help capture malware and viruses within the system.

At this time, you need to be thinking about if artificial intelligence is indeed powerful in the control of criminals, if it not provide more advantages when used for pencil testing?

Evidently, it should provide more advantages with pencil testing — so this is the way penetration testing Businesses are evolving with AI and ML embedded in their techniques and technologies:

Better Information Gathering

Among the most significant phases of the entire pen-testing action is collecting information. It’s also referred to as the reconnaissance phase.

According to specialists, if the people figure out how to collect more information, in the start, the odds of their success becomes more than twice.

But, it’s simple to say a lot hard to perform. In a pencil testing task, the staff has just a limited quantity of time to spend gathering data. It’s tough to make sure the quality of the accumulated data is the ideal.

With AI as continuous assistance, a fantastic deal of quality information could be accumulated at a limited period of time. An individual can also use Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Machine learning how to make sure a fantastic profile of information is constructed with a great deal of details.

Scanning Systems

Testing a great deal of systems manually requires a great deal of time. Additionally, since individuals are bound to make errors, a great deal of times loopholes move unnoticed in the machine resulting in difficulty afterward.

AI-empowered scanning ensures complete coverage and great translated outcomes. In addition, it can be used to create a few alterations in the code where required.

In general, it saves a whole lot of time and energy. Additionally, AI presents good evaluation management and automated creation of test instances. Consequently, it makes your systems sound and secure at less time.
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Maintenance and Access Stage

After the testers are beyond scanning, then they are all set to acquire entry to multiple network devices and extract exactly the targeted information and commence testing.

The principle intention of this step would be to make sure there are no loopholes left to allow the offenders to exploit afterwards and make the most of. The testing also has assessing for credentials for every single employee and powerful articles also.

AI-based options are motivated to test different password combinations to assess how powerful the passwords would be to break-in. Various algorithms are made to detect consumer information, continuing tendencies, present patterns, and also train themselves to perform better testing.

Better Reporting

The previous stage of penetration testing followed closely by each pencil testing firm (kualitatem dot com) is the reporting point.

The reporting stage usually tests the ability of the attackers to cover their tracks and remove all traces of their presence in the system.

Such evidence is discovered in existing access stations, consumer logs, and sudden error messages increased on account of the infiltration procedure.

Manual testing has failed to find these issues at a larger scale making it easy for the attackers to perform their tasks without management being aware of their presence.

On the flip side, artificial intelligence applications may quickly find hidden backdoors, traces of the existence of cybercriminals in the machine, and several access points that weren’t assumed to be there.

Once discovered, these actions and their information are saved and saved in an account. The thorough report also includes a suitable deadline against each assault done.
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Overall Benefits of AI-powered Pen Testing

Now that we’ve discussed the advantages AI offers and the modifications it’s presenting in the penetration testing Earth, we’re in a position to count the advantages on our palms.

Here is the whole list of the ways AI-powered pen testing is much better than manual testing.

  • Since artificial intelligence is involved in AI-based pen testing, the results are returned faster than manual testing. This decreases the expected investment of time and gives more time to developers to fix issues.
  • AI-based penetration testing ensures there are no loopholes left once the testing is done. This makes your system and software more secure as compared to manual testing.
  • The test results are more accurate as compared to manual testing. This leaves less headache for the developers and testers as well.
  • When it comes to companies, having AI do repetitive and boring tasks decreases investment. You can invest in an AI tool and forget about hiring and managing a large team of testers.
  • Since organizations are growing at a good speed, it is hard to test for them through manual testing. Hence, AI-based testing ensures a large number of systems are tested with good results in less time.
  • These tools are easily available in the market and stay updated with new threats and viruses entering the market. So you do not have to worry about upskilling your employees and investing in them.
Alan Jackson

Alan is content editor manager of The Next Tech. He loves to share his technology knowledge with write blog and article. Besides this, He is fond of reading books, writing short stories, EDM music and football lover.

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