Dynamics 365 And Artificial Intelligence Technology For Best Customer Service

Dynamics 365 and Artificial Intelligence Technology for best Customer Service

by James Warner — 4 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 3 min. read

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping organizations in transforming their customer service. There are currently 30% companies which are using AI technology and by 2020, the percentage of AI users will reach to 65%. In response, Microsoft has integrated intelligent data analysis and machine learning with their Dynamics 365 platform. These powerful tools are made to deliver the best customer service experience to both the companies and the target audience.

Revolutionary AI

AI tools are setting their benchmark into every field of business, be it training or customer service; it is becoming a revolutionary technology. New emerging technologies and evolvements in existing APIs are redefining the company dynamics of interaction with customers. It is delivering more personalized customer service experience regardless to whom individuals are talking – chatbots or representatives.

Young consumers just want a seamless shopping experience along with the best customer service. With the right tools, companies are able to create AI interfaces that are capable of delivering customized interactions on the basis of algorithms and pattern recognition instead of any scripted FAQs.

Microsoft’s mission was to bring machine learning to all of its products and software. It also brings AI to its highly profitable CRM dynamics 365. Previous year, the company released its first D365 AI solutions and today, it is expanding its product list with three more products – Dynamics 365 AI for sales, market insights, and customer service.

Dynamics AI for Sales is designed to assist sales teams in acquiring deeper insights for their operations. AI for sales also helps sales team in understanding the future actions and prioritizing the prospects. The software will also help management team to train their individual sellers.

Dynamics AI for customer service app emphasizes on using natural language understanding to predict and grasp customer service problems and take help of virtual agents for saving costs. This is intended to bring the exceptional customer service support to the customers and the business.

Dynamics 365 AI for market is made for marketing team to gain deeper data for the organization’s operations. The software enables companies to harness more number of social sentiments and understand the newsworthy events.
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Dynamics 365 is intended to handle everything from simplest requests to complexities included in enterprise-level client relationships. The azure machine learning based program is able to do the following things-

  • Detect customer behavior pattern and needs
  • Discover social post sentiment
  • Interpret data
  • Deliver details to rep

Customer insights are worked together with AI to provide customized results. Dynamics 365 ensures relevant information required by both the chatbots and customer service team to deliver the best solutions.

Let’s more learn about Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights

The new app Dynamics 365 customer service insights uses AI to help managers in customer service department enhance client satisfaction and increase productivity by achieving insights into performance metrics and future trends.

The app uses natural language understanding to categorize cases by topics and there is no need to tag cases manually. This makes new insights readily available in order to understand the growing issues at an early stage prior these reach critical levels.

Customer service insights license

The best thing is that customer service insights app is included in D365 customer engagement plan or customer service enterprise app. The capacity for up to 100K cases per month is included by default and for extra capacity; user can make purchases in increments of 500k cases per month.
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Customer service insights provide these following things to service managers-

  • Pre-built dashboards offer visibility into KPI metrics for the company
  • Understanding trending service topics to focus on highest impact areas
  • Highlight trending topics to address issues prior these turn into severe problems

The company has added new feature to its Dynamics 365 virtual agent for customer service bot. It is enhancing the service in order to allow customers to test their virtual products prior final releasing for public.

Microsoft continues to create and deliver expansive dynamics 365 environment. As the product delivers more services to supply chain, customer service, and commerce; Microsoft is preparing to gain market share from its competitor Salesforce. The company is introducing more apps and features to its Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP and most of them are AI-driven.

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If you have something to share related to AI technology and Dynamics 365 that we haven’t mention in the post, let us know. Feedback for this post is open for all readers.

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