Effective Applications Of ArtificialIntelligence In Healthcare Industry

Effective Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Industry

by Ritesh Patil — 5 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 3 min. read

The advancement of technologies plays a paramount role in various industries these days. Healthcare is one such industry where Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been integrated in the last few years. This is because; Abyssinica SIL, serif; “AI in healthcare has great potential to enhance patient care and healthcare management process effectively. Many reports have shown that healthcare service providers and technology vendors prefer to implement AI technologies. Hence, it is considered as the best time to look into the AI applications that are yielding better results in the respective industry.

Performing Repetitive Tasks

In the healthcare industry, professionals have to do certain tasks repeatedly on a regular basis. The continual tasks consume more time and make the workers lose their interest. In such a case, the AI application simply the repetitive process like CT scans, X-rays, test analysis and some other tasks. On the other hand, the amount of data in cardiology and radiology is more where the AI bots reduce the process involved in it.

Medical Data and Record Management

The process of gathering and evaluating essential information such as past history and medical records is more significant. The application of artificial intelligence and digital automation eliminates the risks involved in data management. At present, AI bots are implemented to collect, process, and store the data for accessing the required information at any time.
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Treatment Design

The deployment of AI system analysis in the healthcare industry enables the medical practitioners to opt out the customized and accurate treatment design for the patients. Simply, the AI system makes use of the patient medical information to provide this support for the physicians.

Health Monitoring Process

With the advancement of technologies, there are a plethora of health trackers available in the healthcare market. The AI technology integrated into the health monitor is capable of tracking your body condition and send alert messages such that you share the result with physicians to avail the better medications.

Healthcare System Analysis

The medical experts are making efforts to simplify the healthcare system analysis with the support of artificial intelligence. The main objective of the AI integrated healthcare system is to make analysis in an accurate manner while finding the mistakes that may occur in the treatment and inefficiencies in workflows. The automatic healthcare system analysis eases the process of medical professionals in the industry.

Digital Consultation

Nowadays, there are several healthcare mobile applications available in the app store to enable digital consultation. This means that healthcare mobile app development integrates with AI technology to provide medical consultation depending on the patient’s medical history. Merely, the application users have to input their symptoms, so that application makes use of its features and compare them to the database. Finally, the application gives the perfect medication in accordance with the medical history of the patient.

Medication Management

Medication management is one of the necessary techniques to check whether a patient following the medication at regular intervals or not. The AI features incorporated into the webcam of the mobile phone confirm the patients’ medical prescription. This specialty of AI enables the patient to manage their medical condition even if they have severe health issues. The medication management helps the doctors to make better decisions.

Virtual Nurses

When there are a number of patients in hospital it is difficult to take care of them all at a specific time. In order to avoid this problem, the virtual nurses are introduced to monitor the condition of patients and give the required treatments between the doctor visits.
The app developers make use of machine learning to help patients who suffer from chronic disorders. The virtual nurse applications can able to clear the queries regarding a medical condition, detect symptoms and necessity of doctor recommendation.

Precision Medicine

Genomics and genetics take the support of DNA information to know the mutation and the connection of a disease. So, AI is implemented to detect cancer and vascular diseases in the early stages to cure it as soon as possible. In simple words, AI can predict the health disorders that may occur later by analyzing the genetics of an individual. Precision medicine is a boon for people to save their lives.

Creating Effective Drugs

Until now many of the pharmaceutical industries are following the traditional methods to create drugs for various diseases. This may consume more time, expenses and effort to yield better results.
However, the healthcare industries are making a shift to AI integrated drug creation as it enables the pharmacist to create drugs faster and cheaper. With the support of AI-powered program, the pharmacist can either create new drugs or recreate the existing one suitable for treating a disease.
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Final Thoughts

Hope that you have got cleared about the major applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the healthcare industry. With the continual development automation process are bringing more benefits to the healthcare industry.
It is expected that AI will improve the accuracy in decision making, precision treatments, and helps to save time and money in the treatment process than traditional methods. Hence, the healthcare center can take advantage of the fruitful applications of Artificial Intelligence and offer better service to the community.

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