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5 Best Industry Use Cases for Conversational AI
By: Alex Noah, Mon August 2, 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI), one of today’s most ubiquitous technologies, is one. Conversational AI (CAI), which is based on the human..

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Applications of AI and Big Data Analytics in m-hea...
By: Sidharth Jain, Wed April 7, 2021

Have you heard about the idea of monitoring health with the help of mobile devices? It is related to the..


Healthcare Technology Trends that will Surge In 20...
By: Akshit Chaku, Tue January 5, 2021

Technology has surpassed every possible imagination we could ever have in our minds. And this incredible force of technology was..

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Effective Applications of Artificial Intelligence ...
By: Ritesh Patil, Mon June 24, 2019

The advancement of technologies plays a paramount role in various industries these days. Healthcare is one such industry where Artificial..

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