How To Use Jasper AI As Your Writing Assistant?

How To Use Jasper AI As Your Writing Assistant? + [Pros, Cons, Pricing & Review]

by Alex Noah — 3 months ago in Artificial Intelligence 8 min. read

More than 70,000 customers are paying for Jasper AI for fast content generation. Learn how to use Jasper AI as your writing assistance step-by-step.

Jasper AI: Overview

Jasper AI was launched in January 2021 with the team now expanding drastically. Reportedly, the most funded artificial intelligence marketing-related start-up was Jasper with 131 million U.S. dollars.

Certainly, this AI-platform enables marketers to scale their content strategies and is in tight competition with ChatGPT.

That said, ChatGPT is today’s most tried AI tool and users stick to it. Around 20.9% U.S. respondents had used this tool in the past 12 months. Whereas, 12.9% respondents from the United States have used Jasper in the last 12 months, making it the second best AI tool.

ChatGPT most used AI tool in the US


With that, here’s a deep dive into Jasper.

👉 What is Jasper AI
👉 How does Jasper AI work
👉 How to use Jasper AI for writing
👉 Pros and cons of
👉 pricing
👉 Jasper AI features
👉 Jasper AI review

What Is “Jasper AI” All About?

Jasper AI is an online Artificial Intelligence suite developed for marketing and business needs.

The platform is surprisingly known for creating fast, accurate marketing copy, such as long blog posts, resume applications, product descriptions, company bios, advertisement copy, and social media captions, all thanks to free writing tools and generators.

Jasper offers an intelligent AI chat service as well. Small eCommerce brands can leverage it to aid communication explicitly.

How Does Jasper AI work?

Jasper AI is built on top of rich, proprietary AI language models and various third-party structures like Cohere, OpenAI, and Anthropic.

Particularly each of them perform varying tasks in regard to producing the best quality outputs for your use case.

In working, most of these models disburse a combination of data achieved from your brand information of recent search. Further, these data are anticipated into natural language processing to deliver right information.

How To Use Jasper AI For Writing?

Ironically, is used for writing-based tasks that range from blog post creation and company bios to ad content and more.

Learn how to use Jasper AI as your writing assistant.

1. Login To Jasper AI Writing Tool writing tool is free to use. The platform may ask you to login to continue to use their writing assistance tools and templates.

Login to using your Google account or other email protocols. Once you log in, you will be asked to fill a survey form. If you have time, fill it or simply skip it for continuation.

Now you will be asked to choose a plan to continue using the writing tool. Select a plan and activate a free trial.

When everything is done, you will be welcomed at Jasper’s dashboard with a message “You Got This”

2. Choose A Suitable Jasper Template

Jasper is like most of the other AI content generator tools that work with templates. You simply pick a template for your needs and you have your content on that basis.

Jasper has 50+ templates in its glossary to make writing fast and spellbind. Choose your specific template (e.g., blog post, Facebook Ad, social media post description), provide some information, and click a button.

Here’s what you need to do to create a content from template:

  • Click Create new content from your dashboard.
  • Select the option ‘New from template’.
  • Choose a template for your use case.

3. Add Your Inputs

Each template would ask you to fill in some sort of information. Fill that all in, finalize the number of output and click Generate.

  • It may ask for a content description in brief,
  • Tone of voice, language and keywords,
  • Output length in number

You can also create content through commands instead using templates. Consider Jasper documents to prefer creating content from scratch.

Select ‘New Document’ from your dashboard, opening a blank document similar to Google Docs. This is also called Boss Mode where you give Jasper commands and work alongside it.

The Boss Mode is good for copywriters and website content creation. Based on commands, they can produce objective-based content for their work. Go ahead… and try the Boss Mode.

4. Generate & View Output

Now, click on the Generate button to produce writing as you specified along with the number of outputs.

You can modify your output and also define its length from Small, Medium, and Large.

Small output length will produce two or three sentences whereas medium output length will produce around 70 to 100 words of a paragraph, and Large output length goes beyond 300 words.

Talking about the reliability of the output, it’s appropriately good. Jasper AI writing assistant tool works well with step-based content and marketing copy along with captions for social media.


What Are The Pros And Cons Of Writing Tool?

Certainly the platform comes with many good things as well as some deception mentioned below.

Pros of Jasper AI:

  • The ability to generate content in seconds is the biggest advantage that the platform offers to its users to stick to it at a glance. Just telling with some few inputs, you can have a full page of content to work with.
  • does a fantastic job in natural processing and producing content by keeping the tone authentic and parallel to the requested notion. You can expect well-written and accurate writing for your niche.
  • is also great in providing new, amazing ideas every time with new angles for your content. In case you find yourself tempting to get new ideas for your ad content or social media caption. Ask Jasper and it will help spark new ideas for sure.
  • Jasper’s writing tools empower eminent and versatile templates that are easy to work with, helping you save your time on mindful research. It has everything to help bloggers, marketers, and eCommerce brands with content related matters.

Cons of Jasper AI:

  • One of the potential drawbacks is that it doesn’t do fact checking. That said, the platform simply feeds you the information that it finds online.
  • Compared with other AI text generators such as Quillbot AI or ChatGPT, it certainly lacks prompt efficiency. In the highest version of the chatgpt model, you get accurate and straightforward output based on prompt inputs.

How Much Does Cost?

As per the website official, it has three pricing plans – Business, Team, and Creators. Here’s a brief description of each of them.

1. Business

Pricing is custom-based on requirements

It’s for enterprises that are looking for tailored-based writing assistance. Therefore, it has custom pricing based on client requirements. Talk with Jasper’s sales professionals to discuss pricing quotations.

  • No limits on all features
  • Custom templates & automations
  • API access and advanced admin analytics

2. Teams

Monthly pricing starts at $125/mo (and yearly at $99/mo)

The second plan of is best suitable for small groups of organizations or partnership formed companies. Highly focused for marketers and brands giving them three user seats and more ample access to all of Jasper’s features.

  • Create your own templates
  • Collaboration & user management
  • Access to chat-based customer support

3. Creator

Monthly pricing starts at $49/mo (and yearly at $39/mo)

If you are an individual and working as a freelancer this plan is certainly for you. It includes fewer features but valuable ones that are suitable for single working professionals. Among many, you will get access to 50+ templates, unlimited words, and the blank document (for long-form content).

  • Access SEO mode
  • 50 Knowledge Assets
  • 50+ basic templates
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5 Best Jasper AI Features To Amplify Your Content Needs

Jasper is new to many professionals and freelancers. In case you just begin your journey with Jasper’s AI writing tool, you might be interested in knowing its cool features to amplify your content requirements.

1. 50+ Templates

Most AI text generators are based on templates. offers peace of mind templates for every writing situation. Generally, these templates are basic and also available in free trials.

A user can choose a template from a wide range of glossaries such as Ads, Blog, Ecommerce, Email, Marketing, and more.

The below two are my favorites templates used frequently:

  • Explain it to a child template intelligently rephrase complicated content to make it well understandable for a middle schooler.
  • The second is content improver which works as a magic for my most boring and plain-text content, converting them into more interesting and engaging content.

In addition to this, each Jasper’s template can be written in 30+ languages, helping you meet your audience wherever they are.

2. Brand Voice And Memory

Simply brand voice reflects the company’s verdict and professional opinions on the subjects. And brand voice impacts how your audience perceives your thoughts.

With Jasper’s brand voice you can streamline your next content creation, faster and accurately. In deeper, it makes your content soundful and more accurate to the topic of discussion.

How to use brand voice in Jasper AI?

It is available as a tool in the Jasper’s tool glossary. Click on ‘Add voice’ to add your brand voice. Identify your target audience and carefully input your voice to get relevant content for your project.

3. SEO Mode

Writing content for better ranking, you can try the SEO mode available in Jasper’s all plans. It helps you optimize your content for search ranking while you write.

However, it comes with an extra cost. When switched to SEO mode, you actually leverage asper’s Surfer SEO integration. The tool is best renowned for skyrocketing your content with AI recommendation and suggestion.

4. AI Art Generator

The another magical feature of Jasper is that it uses DALL·E 2 technology that creates images from text. This means users can generate long form blogs, ad content, and more along with AI images constantly, saving extra time and effort.

Try this example on – “A high-resolution image of a beautiful waterfall running at twilight.”

5. Zapier integration

Jasper AI users can connect with Zapier in order to streamline content productivity effectively.

This firmly helps larger enterprises sending information between the apps and bring seamless automation features, for example; automatically create blog posts or product descriptions in Jasper – all with a click of an action.

This feature aids large marketing teams to create, manage, and automate immense content effortlessly and efficiently.

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Jasper AI Review: Should Marketers Use Jasper?

Reviewing independently, Jasper AI is a helpful tool for bloggers and marketing teams. It has a variety of templates suitable for generating marketing copy, social media captions, ads description, and SEO-based contents.

But is not made for everybody!

There’s also a slang about this tool is that if you pick a topic that is too niche, surprisingly, the information is likely incomplete or could be wrong altogether.

In the end, can save you a lot of time and assist your marketing team with most fabulous writing templates, at a click of a button.


Can AI Writing Tools Enhance Your Skills?

Well, this question has been in debate since AI tools were observed as a writing assistance.

It can improve writing skills as it keeps the language stick to the grammar in form. Generate content in a matter of seconds, reducing research time. Variety of templates to create writing faster and accurately.

But completely relying on these tools is not a good option. Writing comes through imagination, the more you read, learn, and imagine – the better your content comes out.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jasper AI

Can Jasper AI write an essay?

Yes, Jasper AI can create long length essays in a matter of seconds. Use essay writing templates to get the best results.

Does Jasper AI provide accurate writing outputs?

Jasper AI is similar to ChatGPT that uses certain natural language processing and AI proprietary algorithms to deliver content from the world wide web.

Is Jasper AI better than ChatGPT?

In some cases, Jasper AI is better such as template-based writing assistance, AI chatbot for transparent communication, Integration of softwares and various handsome modes.

What is Jasper AI used for?

Basically, Jasper AI is an AI-writing assistance platform that facilitates content creation for bloggers, marketers, and businesses.

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