Top 3 Tips Conversational AI Could Boost Productivity

Top 3 Tips Conversational AI could Boost Productivity

by Alex Noah — 2 years ago in Artificial Intelligence < 1 min. read

Conversational AI, which is a new interface in computing, is a method where the computer learns to work best with a person, rather than vice versa. Although it is primarily used for telesales, there are other uses such as personal tutors and virtual bosses.

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This last one is a crucial part of the pandemic. It can be distracting for those working remotely from the office, even though it might not have been as intrusive.

Conversational AI is different than other AI implementations because it can understand the context. It would be able to see your browser and productivity software so it could determine if you are working or distracted by another social media discussion. It should be able to return you to work in this case just like a boss or supervisor would.

Conversational AI, as I see it should help productivity and should eventually be a part of every productivity suite. Conversational AI could be used as a listening board, virtual boss, supervisor, or a way to improve your mood.

Top 3 Tips Conversational AI could Boost Productivity

Let’s look at each one individually.

The AI sounding board

It is something I miss most about working in an office, namely the opportunity to sit down with my co-workers and discuss a project or develop a plan. It’s difficult to know where to start or how to finish an assignment when you have a task. This is how I feel about writing columns. I don’t know what I should write or how to approach it.

A well-trained Conversational AI will be able to suggest topics and recall past successes. It can also allow me to comment on the value of ideas and offer suggestions. There were many instances in the workplace where everyone was busy. This made it difficult to have meaningful discussions.

Senior executives would find it extremely helpful to have something that can understand us (without judgment or perception risk). This would be a huge benefit for front-line workers. It’s something I long for. I can talk about challenges and work through them.
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A virtual supervisor

Two aspects to this: we need legal protection against people saying stupid things on social networks. An AI conversational assistant that is tied to the browser might use Grammarly’s sentence structure, punctuation, and warn us about possible outcomes before we post. (It is easy to get distracted and let the day pass without you reaching your goals. This is another problem.

This is more than just ensuring you don’t share something on social media. It’s about knowing when you’ve been enticed into an engagement and if you’re wasting your time. Microsoft already has productivity reporting in Outlook and Exchange.

I get a weekly report about engagements. Cisco also offers to report for employees and managers through WebEx. This is all in WebEx. WebEx doesn’t emphasize productivity but instead focuses on engagement and in-meeting behavior.

This is Conversational AI. It can be used to detect distractions, warn you about your tone and help you manage your time around all the distractions that you face when working remotely.
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Mood management made easy?

A co-worker may be able to help you talk through your problems if you’re having a bad day at work. We try to keep the work-related issues at home from our families because they are also dealing with their own problems. When you are away from home, having someone to lean on is a crucial resource.

Conversational AI can help you to find the right mood and suggest a walk.

The one thing I miss about Clippy (that annoying little avatar that Microsoft once put in Office) was that it made me smile. For those who feel increasingly isolated at home, the idea of a Conversational Artificial could say “Hey, that’s intense.

Maybe it’s time for you to go to a cat video” or “It sounds as if you are angry. Perhaps take a walk before you send that next email.” That would be very helpful.

Conversational AI can be a game-changer. It is a technology that can communicate with you like a human. It has been used in telesales, with much higher close rates and less customer irritation than the bots that we hate. Conversational AI can do so much more when it comes to employee productivity.

It could be a great tool for remote workers, especially to provide a listening ear, defend against distractions, and help manage mood swings.

Conversational AI could become the defining feature of next-generation productivity apps.

Alex Noah

Alex is senior editor of The Next Tech. He studied International Communication Management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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