Top 5 Tips Artificial Intelligence Is Radically Transforming Creativity In Business

Top 5 Tips Artificial Intelligence is Radically Transforming Creativity in Business

by Amelia Scott — 2 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 3 min. read

Despite the rapid advancement of technology, many still associate artificial intelligence (AI), with science-fiction dystopias. In reality, AI is an integral part our everyday lives. For almost all things, we now rely on digital assistants such as Siri and Alexa for search-engine algorithms.

This technology has a lot more potential than its everyday use. AI is making huge strides in business, and creativity could be its ultimate moonshot. Scientists believed that machines couldn’t create anything new 200 years ago. They could only follow instructions to complete tasks. Recent developments have seen AI create original music, poetry, and paintings.

Artificial intelligence can now generate ideas, concepts, or rough drafts by itself. However, this doesn’t mean that artificial intelligence is capable of replacing human creativity. It isn’t yet very sophisticated. It serves instead as a tool that humans can use to enhance their creativity. To maximize creativity in any field, it is important to have both.

We have already discussed how AI algorithms are being used by artists to create poetry and paintings. What about business executives? How can they use this technology to create new opportunities and find solutions?

AI is revolutionizing every industry. It transforms the way customers and employees interact with businesses, and enables them to carry out their daily operations. AI’s adoption in the business domain increased by 270% over the past four years and we can expect greater adoption in the future.
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The future of work is digital and remote. HR managers are overwhelmed by the volume of applications and resumes. Advanced AI algorithms have made it possible for HR managers to save hours in identifying the best candidates from a vast applicant pool.

The intelligent software scans resumes and job applications in order to identify candidates who are worthy of interview. AI can cut down on the time it takes to hire depending on how many applications are being processed by a company.

Another benefit of using a data-driven, intelligent process to hire is the ability to eliminate discrimination based upon implicit biases. Prejudice is a human trait. But machines are objective. Employers and hiring managers will be able to access qualified candidates fairly, and make better hiring decisions.


Marketers today are constantly looking for new ways to engage and attract potential customers. It can be difficult to find new clients in today’s digital marketing environment. Marketers’ ability to provide highly customized, relevant buying experiences is key to marketing success. Artificial intelligence is the key to this success.

Marketers can use artificial intelligence to better understand their target audience by using digital marketing. How can they do this? Consider the fact that machines are able to quickly identify patterns like past purchases, preferences for buying, and credit scores, as well as other common threads.

This process provides marketers with valuable insights that help them plan and execute creative marketing strategies more precisely.
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Analytics and research

Businesses can now improve customer experience by using artificial intelligence. Mobile-friendly surveys seem to be the best way to collect data, especially as people spend more time on smartphones. This research method has a problem: How can you match people with the right surveys at the right times? AI can help you with that.

Market research can personalize market surveys by using ML-trained recommendation engines. This allows you to present the most relevant questions to the audience when they are most open and receptive.

What next after gathering information? It will become apparent that not all responses from the multitude of submissions are important for the campaign. This is where AI comes in. It is able to analyze large amounts of data much more efficiently than any human. It filters out responses that aren’t relevant to the research needs.
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Customer service and relations

Chatbots are becoming more common among buyers today. Why wouldn’t they? Chatbots mimic human conversations using voice commands and text chats. This tech can’t solve all customer problems, but it is a simpler way to provide efficient customer support.

Companies often combine AI and human creativity so that issues beyond the capabilities of the bot can be transferred to a human agent. Artificial intelligence is able to target specific customers and cater to their needs. This makes it superior in customer-service. Customers will be more loyal to your brand if you offer a personalized experience. This is what keeps your business thriving.
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AI in business is no longer a luxury, it will become a necessity. Companies that fail to keep up with consumer expectations will lose market share and fall behind. You can only stay relevant if you follow the trend.

Amelia Scott

Amelia is a content manager of The Next Tech. She also includes the characteristics of her log in a fun way so readers will know what to expect from her work.

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