Top VR Apps For Education In 2020

Top VR Apps for Education in 2020

by Vivienne Bell — 3 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 4 min. read

VR technology has been around for a while. Although it has not yet deeply integrated into our day-to-day lives, we can already feel its impacts on different spheres of our lives. Education is one of the areas that are subject to the most exciting changes with the introduction of virtual reality.

How did this technology change education and what are the best examples of VR in modern education? If you want to learn more, give up on your boring papers by entrusting them to essay writing service EssayPro and read on to learn something really exciting about the role of VR in education!

Shaping the Future of Education

Ever since the introduction of VR headsets, schools and teachers explored the possible ways to adopt this immersive technology in a classroom. That’s what boosted the demand in educational VR.

In a nutshell, educational VR covers all sorts of apps and tools aimed at teaching people through virtual simulations. Apparently, this concept turned out to be extremely effective.

Educators discovered that this technology can teach students new skills by delivering hands-on practical experiences.

Virtual reality is already changing education. There are already plenty of cases that tell how VR makes learning effective and engaging. And, as this technology evolves further, we can expect even more changes to arrive. Without a doubt, VR is the future of education!

The Pros of VR

The reason why this technology is so popular in the field of education is that it offers plenty of benefits. First of all, it is fun.

VR in a classroom boosts learners’ engagement. Students become much more active and willing to participate in classroom activities. Respectively, a high level of engagement positively affects students’ performance.

Also, studies show that VR improves students’ comprehension. Using such apps in a classroom can help learners grasp even the most complex concepts much faster and easier.

Finally, virtual reality makes it possible to demonstrate certain processes, events, or places that are otherwise not accessible to students.

For example, one can participate in a virtual surgery or take a trip to space. All risk-free and without leaving the classroom.


Now, that you know about the concept of educational VR and its pros, let’s look at some of the best VR apps for education in 2020:
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National Geographic Explore VR

Ever wanted to travel to Peru to see Machu Picchu? Or wanted to see Antarctica with your own eyes? The National Geographic VR app makes exploring the world simple! Using it, students can visit the most exciting locations right from the classroom or home.

Anne Frank House VR

This great app can take you back to 1942, in the epicenter of WW2, and help you discover the famous story of Anne Frank. With its help, you will gain a unique VR experience and learn more about the struggle of Jewish people during the war.


Interested in understanding the human body? Then this app is just for you! Sharecare offers us a unique opportunity to find out everything about our anatomy. Also, the app allows users to simulate different diseases and customize physiology however they want.

Mission ISS

Space is probably one of the most interesting subjects. You may feel it is a misfortune that it is unreachable to most of us. Luckily, the Mission ISS VR app makes it possible to peep into space and immerse into the International Space Station.>
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The Body VR

Another great virtual reality app that focuses on the inside of the human body. The app is extremely accurate and quite fun to use.

With the app, students can discover how our veins function, how our bodies keep up life, how they fight viruses, and so on. Be sure to give it a try!

MEL Chemistry VR

The next app on our list is probably one of the best VR tools focused on Chemistry. MEL Chemistry allows learners to immerse in the world of molecules and finally understand this complex subject!

7VR Wonders

We bet that each of you has heard a lot about the Seven Wonders of the World. These include:

  • Hanging Gardens of Babylon;
  • Statue of Zeus;
  • Mausoleum at Halicarnassus;
  • The Great Pyramid of Giza;
  • Colossus of Rhodes;
  • Temple of Artemis;
  • Lighthouse of Alexandria.

We study them and know about them. But, it is a pity that none of us has ever managed to see them. Well, with the 7VR Wonders you can finally do this! The app recreates the famous 7 Wonders in excellent detail and helps you discover them on your own.

Our Dinosaur Era VR

Are you fascinated by dinosaurs? Then this app will be quite fun for you. Our Dinosaur Era takes you on a trip to ancient times, to the era where the dinosaurs were still serenely wandering around the Earth.
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Final Words

Hopefully, each of you will find something interesting in this article. The technology of VR doesn’t stop evolving. Every year, we can observe more and more advanced apps that are both engaging and educational. So there are many more stunning experiences that are yet to be discovered!

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