Cryptocurrency Versus Traditional Investing Options: Facts Don’t Lie!

Cryptocurrency versus Traditional Investing Options: Facts Don’t Lie!

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Blockchain Technology 3 min. read

As more investors explore their options to grow and secure their assets, they would often consider cryptocurrency.

Recent reports of people becoming millionaires and individuals saving their wealth from fiat currency devaluation have become a common reference.

Facts don’t lie, as they say. This holds in such an industry that has grown manifold in 10 years. With a market cap of a trillion dollars and still multiplying, it is indisputable that despite the higher risks, more people are going into this new investment platform.

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But some investors keep asking: “How is cryptocurrency better than the traditional investing options?” In many aspects, they might share the same principles as a business. It operates under the same goal of providing venues for prospective investors to earn profits.

The difference may be observed on certain ends in that cryptos have become more than just a form of investment.

Most recently, it runs as an alternative to the existing banking system, thus improving various financial transactions. But to distinguish it from the traditional investment alternatives, you can learn from the following facts.

Cryptocurrency versus Forex

Forex, also called foreign exchange, has attracted more investors in foreign currencies. Interestingly, cryptocurrency is also doing well in this line of business.

This virtual currency is now accepted globally, and investors who make foreign exchange also deal on a worldwide scale.

The difference between the two lies in varying economic conditions in respective countries, which means investors could expect favorable outcomes from Forex when the economy of a country where they invest is in a good state.

It is considered riskier than cryptocurrency as the capital gains for Forex can be determined only based on the economic condition.
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Cryptocurrency versus Stocks

Many people are encouraged to invest in stocks for several good reasons. But investing in cryptocurrency is a great idea, too. Both of these investments have their good and bad times, but stocks could be preferable to investors who wish to easily predict future movements.

However, those who invest in stocks may confront certain risks such as market volatility and government regulations.

The advantage of cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, is they have a decentralized structure – meaning, the government or central banks cannot meddle with its affairs.

Cryptocurrency versus Bonds

Bonds are essentially a loan provided by a person to a company or a government. That means when an investor purchases bonds, the company or government where it was bought is in debt to that person.

Investors can earn interest on the amount of loan for a fixed period, and eventually, the debt will be paid off by the borrower.

The major risk in this type of investment is that investors may no longer receive interest payments when the company goes bankrupt.

In contrast, those who invest in cryptocurrency may have better control of their money depending on the financial transactions they conduct in the network.
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Cryptocurrency versus Fixed Deposits

 Various governments are supporting fixed deposits. This is more favorable to long-term investors who want to make substantial profits from the maturity of their funds.

People who may not have the luxury of time may rather opt for cryptocurrency. Investors can make quick decisions and can exit when they observe market prices going against their favour.

However, market volatility is a common concern in this platform, so investors have to adapt to this business environment. Both options can be a good investment, but the more beneficial one would depend on the circumstances and priorities of a prospective investor.

Cryptocurrency versus Precious Metals

Gold is often compared with cryptocurrency. Many investors treat both of them as a potent store of value to protect their assets. But there’s a difference between the two. Precious metals like gold and silver primarily depend on the market sentiment.

Portability, import taxes, and tight security are also the risks associated with such assets. At the same time, cryptocurrencies don’t need an investor to physically transfer them to a specified location.

Since it exists in a blockchain-secured format, it is relatively easier for investors to trade digital assets.
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It is important to know the difference between cryptocurrency and other investment options to decide which investment is more secure and profitable.

When you opt for cryptos, you have to understand that this market is highly volatile and unpredictable. But as more investors join the industry, it adds a compelling reason to give it a try. For a great start, you might consider the Immediate Edge mentioned above.

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