3 Content Marketing Tips For Tech Companies

3 Content Marketing Tips for Tech Companies

by Nancy Wayne — 3 years ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

The world of technology is highly competitive and the competition amongst the big tech companies can be seen on social media where each company fights for more customers. In this competition it is not about who is a better discovery or solution- it is about who knows better.

Marketing is all about strategy and a good marketing strategy today involves frequent social media presence. If you do not have an Instagram account, it is as though you do not exist. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you’re missing out, and your potential customers miss out too because the easiest way to get closer to them is via social media.

Businesses often reach out to growth services when they want to gain more followers. For example, social is a growth service where you can buy active Twitter followers, and there are several others that will help you grow your account no matter what platform you are using.

While followers are the default for successful social media marketing, you have to make sure that you make social media a priority and invest time in your social media accounts. Here are some tips to assist you to get the most out of your social media accounts.

3 Content Marketing Tips for Tech Companies

Create original content

To create original content means to create content that nobody has seen before. This is very important because social media is full of content that floods users every minute and you want your content to stand out and captivate the audience as well as give them something to talk about.

A great idea to create content that is original is to invite guest bloggers onto your tech blog because it has been proven that your reach expands the more you publish. A great way to secure guest blog sports is to advertise them. Not only will you gain a guest blogger that can provide original content but you also build relationships in a different industry.

It is a great idea to create your own blog and there are so many different types of content that you can post. Storytelling is something that generally goes down well with the public because people prefer a good story over hard selling which does not do well.

Apart from blog posts, you can post on social media, post-how-to guides, images, videos, and even infographics. Storytelling is effective and so is anything visual because people tend to want to look at visuals more than they want to read.
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Tell your story

Stories do very well. They evoke emotion and captivate the reader’s interest. A great idea is to use the story behind creating the brand to encourage and motivate people to do the same. It is very important for you to convey why the brand is unique and when you tell a story you have to make sure that it always aligns with the audience’s needs.

It has already been mentioned that human beings love a good story and generally dislike being the target of sales so if you wish to capture the attention of your audience, don’t just have something interesting to say but also say it in an interesting way.

Before you begin you should ask the following:

  1. What is the narrative behind the brand?
  2. What types of stories appeal to the brand’s personas?
  3. What types of stories are current and potential customers sharing?

Stories tend to bring to life your brand’s message and encourage people to do things without exactly asking them to do so.
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Focus on the customer

According to Deloitte, a company that puts the focus on the customer sees 60 percent more profit than those who only focus solely on the product which displays that you need to take time to know the customer. Your main goal should not only be to make sales or to make a profit. You need to put your customer in the middle and focus on their needs and pain points.

You can teach your customer and help them deal with any challenges. Once the customer sees what your product can do, they won’t need to be convinced how good it is.

The tech industry is highly competitive and in order to stay ahead of the competition you need to align yourself with your brand and your customers.

Forget the old and traditional form of marketing that focuses on selling a product to the customer and rather adopt a newer and more effective form of marketing.

Create original content that nobody has seen before, tell your story in a way that evokes emotion and interest from the reader while at the same time motivating and encouraging them and finally, always keep your focus on the customer rather than on the product. Use genuine services offering real customers, and make sure you are informed about the latest updates.

Nancy Wayne

This post is written by one of our guest contributors. They are tech lover and sharing their thoughts on tech innovation with readers around the world. Their passion for content, SEO optimization, and writing developed following every personal blog's growth, and inspired there to pursue a career in content.

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