How Background Check Technology Is Changing HR

How Background Check Technology is Changing HR

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

Regardless of whether you’re looking to be hired formally or as an independent contractor, you can be sure background check technology will be part of your future.

Background checks are evolving rapidly as a due diligence and monitoring technique. One company that makes it a point to keep up with relevant screening technology developments is Checkpeople.

Experts believe HR departments that prioritize reliable and efficient systems for thorough background screenings will be the most successful ones on the market moving forward. In the days of COVID-19 and the years to follow, virtual hiring procedures will be the norm.

Ensuring Legal Compliance

Ensuring legal compliance during the screening process is no easy feat given how many laws are involved. HR background check technology should provide all required consents, disclosures, and acknowledgments while updating with any changes of state or federal requirements automatically and, if possible, in real-time.

HR teams have often found staying compliant challenging because of how frequently the relevant laws and regulations change. The corresponding changes often come with insurmountable volumes of data and paperwork.

Cloud solutions have streamlined the compliance process, which required not insignificant IT storage capacity and organization in the past. As labor laws evolve and technologies keep improving, companies will turn to them to handle complicated and often controversial compliance issues.

The most successful businesses will be those that embrace compliance technology with better working conditions. These increase sales and augment staff engagement in parallel to greater efforts to recruit and retain qualified staff.
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Utilizing Applicant Tracking Systems

HR tracking system

As HR staff eases the resume review process, companies can reckon with further technological developments. Among the outcomes of this is reducing bias.

Artificial intelligence is at the basis of applicant tracking systems (ATS), which help HR professionals analyze candidate pools more effectively. With the advent of remote hiring, it’s harder than ever to narrow these pools down.

Legislation giving screened candidates protection is growing in what’s practically direct proportion to AI’s popularity as a candidate selection tool. Most people today submit job applications online.

Recruiters and hiring managers are making efforts to ensure their employers are using the best possible tracking systems. Not only are they filtering candidates more efficiently with the help of ATS, but also choosing the most optimal candidates depending on the position they’re hiring for.

Technology is helping them focus on the human element of applicant reviews because they are saving time on the whole hiring process. This is transpiring more smoothly because recruiters can focus on developing relationships with top candidates from the get-go.

Improving Performance Management Through Analytics

One of the most important functions of HR has traditionally involved managing performance. HR professionals are driving this process by facilitating regular staff reviews, gathering feedback, and monitoring performance. Background check technology has streamlined the process by doing away with needless steps.

With the widespread and rapid adoption of analytics in 2020, HR witnessed data competence on a whole new level. Analytics are helping hiring managers and executives make the best possible staffing decisions in 2021.

The raw data from analytics that one can pull helps support data-driven decisions and create actionable insights related to team staffing. HR teams can apply analytic data to manage performance, identify coaching opportunities, and allow employees and managers to benchmark performance.
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Beware “Disruptive” Technology

On a final note, experts warn that HR pros and employers are increasingly being bombarded with “disruptive” tech that isn’t always such. Often, it’s simply a case of good marketing.

While true HR tech advancements are crucial to improve the pre-employment background check process, it’s important to assess whether these developments actually have substance.

There is a lot of buzz around tools that promise to transform outdated hiring models and disrupt stagnant industries. Startups across the globe claim to be disrupting dormant and ineffective business models, including such that apply to HR technology in pre-employment screening.

One needs to be able to grasp if adisrupter is simply a marketing expert who has made investors believe they’ve achieved something new and innovative rather than repackaged an old and familiar process.

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