How Is Hosting Events A Beneficial Strategy For Your Business?

How is Hosting Events A Beneficial Strategy for Your Business?

by Steph King — 2 years ago in Business Ideas 2 min. read

Whether it’s held online or a physical event that can be attended in person, business events are a fantastic opportunity to connect directly to your audience.

When done well, the dynamism and immediacy of gathering many people together at once offer huge benefits – which explains why 61 percent of marketers believe that in-person events are the single most critical marketing channel.

That’s a consensus opinion that shouldn’t be ignored, even if you need to seek virtual alternatives in the era of the pandemic – so what are some of the benefits that businesses can see from hosting physical and digital events?

Brand Exposure and Awareness

By using your business’s name to host the event, you help to solidify your brand as a recognizable figure in the industry. This increases awareness of your company and builds trust with potential customers, positively impacting the number of people who purchase from you.

You can maximize the impact on brand awareness by commissioning a dedicated event app, which allows you to provide all the important information that attendees will want to hand while delivering more detailed messaging about your brand and what you can do for customers.

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Spreading Knowledge and Information

By hosting an event, you can protect your brand’s voice to the attendees and educate them on whatever you choose. There are a few angles you can take to educate and inform attendees, each with its own benefits.

Industry Knowledge: By talking about the latest industry developments, strategies, and technology, you will position your business as an industry leader and build trust with attendees.

Business Information: Giving details into your business, who you are, and your story allows you to create a business image that potential customers can get behind and buy into.

Product Information: Spreading knowledge on your latest products, the technology behind them, and the results they have shown enables you to better inform customers’ buying decisions and improve sales through familiarity and trust.

It’s important not to focus solely on one method, however. If you only discuss the wider industry, attendees might take on this knowledge without associating it directly with your brand or increasing their likelihood of buying specifically from you. Similarly, talking too much about your brand and your product can seem like a sales pitch and lose interest.

The best approach is to talk about a combination of these things, providing insightful industry-related information while linking it to your brand and the products you offer.

Marketing and PR

Running an event is a gold mine for your marketing and PR team. For months following the event, you can produce insightful content relaying what was covered at the conference. You can also curate articles with interesting attendance and uptake statistics to show how much of a success your event was – which can have the knock-on effect of making a follow-up event even more prestigious and draw in a greater number of attendees.


Bringing together a room full of like-minded people and industry experts makes for the perfect networking opportunity, allowing you to collect more business development opportunities for future projects. You can also have direct communication and feedback from clients and customers, helping you to further improve and develop on your offerings.

Steph King

Steph King is a content writer from the UK with a passion for writing about Business and Marketing.

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