The Powerful YouTube Influencers Curating Their Own Ranges Of Eyeglasses And Shades

The Powerful YouTube Influencers Curating Their Own Ranges Of Eyeglasses And Shades

by Micah James — 1 year ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

YouTube is not just an unending source of entertainment but a great place to go for style inspiration. Today, some of the most popular influencers around are posting videos to help you take your look to the next level or to tell you how you can make this season’s must-have sunglasses work for you. On top of this, several have collaborated with well-known eyewear brands to produce collections of eyeglasses and sunglasses that are stylish, supremely on-trend – and surprisingly affordable.

Dezi – Dezi Perkins

This well-known YouTube influencer now has a sprawling business empire that fuses her presence on social media with a new line in cosmetics and luxury eyewear. The Dezi sunglasses collection was launched last year, and now it’s other YouTube influencers wearing and promoting Perkins’ own sunglasses.

The most popular options in the Dezi range are the Top Shelf and the Backtrack model. The former are Maverick-esque aviator glasses incorporating rose-gold-colored metal frames in the classic aviator tear-drop shape, a distinctive double bridge, and pink-tinted lenses. A compelling mix of feminine and action-hero, these sunglasses are on-trend and versatile – and boast an affordable price point, too.

The Backtrack shades are an entirely different proposition and are designed to turn heads. These sunglasses feature a blocky gray-brown frame, extra-chunky sidearms, a Clubmaster-style prominent brow line, and a light-brown tint to the lenses.

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Dime Optics – Mikayla Jane

Mikayla Jane is a successful YouTuber who is known for her engaging beauty tutorials and hilariously honest product reviews. She’s recently also collaborated with Dime Optics to create a range of sunglasses designed to work beautifully with any of the make-up looks she demonstrates on her YouTube channel.

The Go Getter model has an elegant cat eye frame and is available in three colors. Bold, sophisticated, and classy, the good news is that this type of frame suits most face shapes. Meanwhile, the Captivate shades incorporate rectangular, rimless lenses with a purple tint, reflecting the resurgence of early 2000s styling right now.

Apercu – Marta Pozzan

YouTube influencer Marta Pozzan is also an actress, model, writer, and activist – and now an eyewear designer. She’s also a serious lover of sunglasses, so she was delighted when eyewear brand Apercu asked if she’d be interested in collaborating on a pair of shades to feature in its new collection last year.

The Marta Pozzan model has a style as distinctive as the lady herself, with its sleek rectangular frame with the merest hint of a cat eye shape at the temples. The shades come in five fabulous colors, with Marta herself saying that she loves the olive option for wearing in the fall.

DIFF – Lauren Lane

As a YouTube lifestyle influencer, Lauren Lane has been inspiring viewers to upgrade everything from their wardrobe to the contents of their refrigerators for years and has already collaborated with a number of brands to bring new product lines to market. Her most recent partnership is with eyewear brand DIFF, for whom she has co-designed two frames for their latest collection, with both aiming to embody the influencer’s signature style.

The Lauren Cateye is an unusual take on this evergreen vintage frame shape, bringing in chunkier, rectangular elements for a sleek, contemporary look. And then there are the Mollie Brown Gradient shades which, with their tortoiseshell frames and blocky round shape, again represent a modern take on a classic look.

Larvae – De’arra Taylor

Known on YouTube for her exciting, bold, unpredictable fashion, influencer De’arra Taylor has stepped out on her own to create a collection of vibrant, break-the-mold sunglasses. Most notable are the Deetailz sunglasses, with their transparent neon yellow rectangular frames and brown-tinted lenses, and the Latte shades, with their oval pink-tinted lenses, evoking a sixties vibe – with a twist. And the Temptation model deserves mention, too: extra-oversized geometric pink frames with pink lenses; these are not the sunglasses to wear if you want to blend into the background.

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And The YouTube Sunglasses That Blew Up The Internet

YouTube influencers aren’t just responsible for creating their own ranges of sunglasses. There have been plenty of occasions when influencers have posted videos in which they’re wearing shades from their own personal collection, and the internet has subsequently melted down with people trying to find out what brand they are and where they can be purchased.

An example is a Pewdiepie’s post in which the star is wearing a pair of Persol shades (model PO0714), which generated hundreds of thousands of reactions, and footage of Zoella sporting the luxe Classic 11 aviator-style frames from Yves Saint Laurent, which saw these shades become the must-have accessory of the month.

The Takeaway: YouTube Influencers’ Eyewear of Choice

YouTube influencers have broken out of the box – many are now not only promoting or reviewing products but actually creating their own collections of clothing, eyewear, shoes – everything imaginable. If you’re looking for a bold new pair of shades for the summer or a vintage-inspired classic number with a twist, it’s worth checking out the eyewear collections currently on offer from the latest crop of YouTube super influencers.

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