Top 6 Ways Small Businesses Can Approach Adopting Affordable AI Solutions

Top 6 Ways Small Businesses can Approach Adopting Affordable AI Solutions

by Alex Noah — 2 years ago in Business Ideas 2 min. read

Although artificial intelligence can help businesses streamline and optimize their workflows, it can also pose challenges beyond the changes to internal processes. Small businesses face many challenges when trying to decide whether AI is feasible.

AI can be affordable for all businesses if you know where to look. The Newsweek Expert Forum members share their tips on how small businesses can adopt artificial intelligence without having to invest too much in big data or programmers.

1. Prioritize Internal Issues

There are AI solutions available for all industries and businesses of any size. This is great news as you don’t need to pay for a costly solution that has too many bells and whistles. To solve an internal problem, pick a few and find the one that is simple and straightforward. You will get a lot out of this book, so take your time. Chris Tompkins, The Go! Agency

2. Determine the needs of your business

There are many things businesses can do to improve their cybersecurity, such as using AI chatbots to “talk” with users directly from a website. This can streamline payment processes, streamline delivery, create an automated interview system and hire the right candidates. All of these can be achieved without spending too much and still allow you to focus on your business. Christopher Davenport and AutoParts4Less
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3. Optimize and Collect Data

AI can be adopted by small businesses at a low price. This is done by collecting digital and transaction data and then incorporating it into the machine- and predictive learning models.

This is useful for customer relationship management (CRM), which helps to identify patterns in business behavior, how to increase market share, and how to capture new markets. It helps to identify operational efficiency and waste. Vipp Jaswal and Interpersonal Intelligence Advisory

4. Experiment

Start small and then experiment. As a test, you can create a bot for your website. Set up a bot on the website, or on your Facebook Page that can answer your questions. Take the data and decide if you should invest more in Artificial Intelligence, or expand to other media like social media. – Brooke Sellas, HTML Squared Media, LLC
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5. Identify the processes you want to automate

There are many easy-to-use AI options available for businesses with low investments. Q&A chatbots, as well as marketing campaign solutions, have been proven to be effective. Find the processor data analysis that you want to automate using an AI solution that has a demonstrable positive effect on your customers and your business. Next, explore different options and learn how to tune your ROI. – Matt Domo, FifthVantage.

6. AI-Powered Software

AI-powered software licenses can be your best option. Platform providers outside of Silicon Valley are worth looking out for. Trustworthy startups that offer innovative AI-powered tech will be happy to assist small businesses in their growth. They don’t charge excessive licensing fees and can help with setup, training and support. Low-code versions of some are available, making programming easy. – Brian Meert, AdvertiseMint

Alex Noah

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