Why Magento is the Best Platform for Enterprises ?

Why Magento is the Best Platform for Enterprises?

by Marie Weaver — 2 years ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

Now businesses have converged to the digital platform. Physical stores have transformed into online stores and people prefer to shop online by secure payment method and 24*7 services. 

If you are also thinking of bringing your brand online and looking for a platform that has a blend of integrated features such as secure, flexible and SEO optimized. So, opt for the Magento development services for your E-commerce website.

According to Statista, “Magento ranked third, with a share of 7.91 percent .”

As per Wikipedia, “More than 100,000 online stores have been created on this platform. The platform code has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times, and $155 billion worth of goods have been sold through Magento-based systems in 2019. Two years ago, Magento accounted for about 30% of the total market share.” 
Magento offers several features that attract users towards it and several enterprises have opted to leverage its benefits. In this article, let’s know why the Magento E-Commerce Platform is the best choice for enterprises.

Must-Know: Reasons to opt for the Magento E-Commerce Platform

1. Open Source

Magento e-commerce platform is based on open source feature which turns it free. Along with this, the Magento E-commerce platform used to upgrade constantly with the latest functionalities from worldwide developers. This platform has huge technical support from the active community.

2. Third-Party Integration 

This platform can be integrated with third-party platforms and Magento users can leverage the benefits of other services with Magento features. Magento can be integrated with payment gateway including PaypalGoogle Analytics, Google Shopping, and eBay. Magento can also integrate with the most popular CMS platform WordPress. 

3. Highly Secured 

Magento eCommerce platform is the most secure platform as it offers 2 step authentication feature and several other types to prevent your online store from the hackers. Always keep a backup of your project. 
Users can prevent their Magento e-commerce platform with several steps such as: 

  • Install the latest version 
  • Use Secure FTP
  • Introduce a custom route for the admin panel
  • Integrate an encrypted connection (SSL/HTTPS)
  • Be in touch with the Magento community. 
  • Keep Secure password 
  • Disable Directory Indexing

4. Multiple Store with a Single Backend 

Most retailers get attracted to Magento as this platform reduces the cost and efforts to maintain multiple stores. With the Magento eCommerce platform, businesses can handle multiple stores with a single backend. This platform allows users to launch several platforms with a different theme, unique design, and essential required features as per the business requirements.

However, the admin panel can be the same, this features allows efficient and easy management of online stores without any hurdle.
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5. SEO Friendly

Magento is based on the SEO Friendly feature. Only launching a store is not sufficient, to earn revenue it is essential to reach a huge audience. This platform helps to optimized your product pages and generate SEO Friendly links with optimized meta tags and titles. This feature helps to rank on the search engines.

6. Mobile Responsive

As now users are addicted to their mobile phones and they utilize mobiles more than laptops and desktop. It is essential that your online store should be  Mobile friendly. Magento-based online stores are Mobile Responsive and compatible with all browsers and screen sizes. Along with this, all the features can be seamlessly integrated in the mobile applications also.

7. Customizable

Magento users can customize the platform as required. They can configure the product and their categories as they required. There are several themes available on both freemium and premium. Users can select the theme as per their preferences and which match their business. On the other side, businesses need to partner with the Magento e-commerce website development company to use enterprise-level features.
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8. Inbuilt Advanced Search

Magento provides in-built search features which helps users to search the products easily as and filter the results. It allows smart search to the users, as with this they can easily identify their products as per the alphabetical process.  Advanced search helps to save time.

9. Multi-lingual

Magento supports multilingual features. However, it excludes language barrier. This feature allow users to opt for their native language.  Hence with multilingual feature, users can select their native language, this helps entities to reach on a global level.
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Magento is highly popular e-commerce platform. It is known for offering extensive feature and based on high functionality platform. Hence, Magento ecommerce development platform has turned as top choice of the entities with easy to use advanced features, including high level of customization and easy third-party integration.

Marie Weaver

Tech Consultant at well established IT company specializing in enterprise web application development, mobile apps, IoT, Cloud and Big Data services.

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