Deciphering The Frameworks Used In Product Development

Deciphering The Frameworks Used in Product Development

by Evelyn Addison — 2 years ago in Development 4 min. read

CSM® stands for Certified Scrum Master. Implemented for the very first time in 1993 by Jeff Sutherland, John Scumniotales, and Jeff McKenna the scrum framework has been improved to a great extent. With a lot of elaborations done on it, it has widely been used by industries and firms as it increases the effective yield of the product. In layman’s language, a scrum master leads the development team in the proceeding of product development. Any company prefers to use a set of guidelines while creating a product which can be termed Product Management Frameworks. There are a variety of frameworks present in the market presently. One company may choose it as per their needs of the product, their company size, or the organization. One of such widely used frameworks in the product market is Scrum.

The Scrum Framework consists of a team providing three roles to its members: a product owner, a scrum master, and a development team. Because we are focused on what a scrum master is, let us infer what a scrum master is and what a scrum master does. The scrum master works very closely with the product owner and regulates the proper implementation of the guidelines of the scrum framework. They guide and help the team, meanwhile also cross-checking the growth and pace of the project.

Why is a Scrum Master Needed?

The scrum masters play a critical role in regulating the proper processes of the framework. They help to bring the best out of the team and also increase the efficiency of how the team works. The need for a scrum master is not limited to a particular sector anymore, rather diverse sectors have shown an interest in the requirement of a scrum master for their company. A scrum master lessens the differences in a team and helps the team to get a better understanding of the process of product development. He helps the team to collaborate and also increases the quality of work delivered by the team. A scrum master was the first designation to achieve a professional certification provided by the scrum alliance.

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Why did Online Courses consider the Best Choice For CSM Certification?

When it comes to education, the online mode of education has been trusted by the students and helped them in shaping their careers and satisfaction. The online platforms successfully impart experience-based knowledge. With the help of live sessions and virtual classroom training, you can earn 16 PDUs and SEUs with the ease of sitting on your couch. You will get a 2-year membership with the scrum alliance (if you are wondering what scrum alliance is, it is one of the most famous organizations for agile and scrum). The tutors hired have expertise in their domain and are well experienced.

Having trained a large number of professionals they are setting a perfect competition for top platforms providing the same certification course when it comes to quality. More than 250 workshops being conducted every month by them shows how considerate they are about the needs of students. Online platforms have successfully established themselves on a global level and have provided training in more than a hundred countries.

Once you have finished getting the CSM certification, there is a wide variety of choices for your career. The organizers understand the necessity of a scrum master and also how it affirmatively helps in product development and delivery. As a result, the market has demanded more scrum masters in the past, and the demand is continuously rising. A few companies that you can work with are Tata Consultancy Services, IBM, CapGemini, BOSCH, Deloitte, and the list goes on. The completion of the course makes you eligible to work in various sectors of project management and provides acceleration to your growth in the professional world. As it is evident, getting a CSM® certification done opens the door to many career opportunities for you.

Getting certified as a Certified Scrum Master may sound like a monotonous and tiring task, but it is really easy. Let us see how. Once you have registered for the CSM® Certification, you have to invest in two days. You will be trained for two days by certified Scrum trainers. Once you have completed the course, a link will be provided to you. Using the link, you have to form your credentials and attempt a one-hour CSM® test. The CSM® test will be conducted in an online manner and the questions will be in an MCQ format. The exam is an open-book exam and is moderately easy. but At least 74% of the score should be achieved to qualify for the test. If you are qualified, you will have to accept a license agreement and then you will receive your CSM® designation and the membership from the Scrum alliance. Easy, right? The course can be taken by any professional or fresher who wants to build a career in project development and management. Having a basic knowledge of agile and scrum will add a cherry on top of the cake.

What Exactly are the Job Roles of a Scrum Master?

Call a scrum master the guardian of the scrum team and no one will really oppose honestly. A scrum master has his duties starting from examining the proper execution of core principles of agile and scrums to checking the daily progress of the team. One of the very fascinating and potent features of the scrum framework is the iterative developments. Iterative developments can be understood as big tasks fragmented into smaller tasks. This helps in reducing the time required and improves the quality and efficiency of the product developed by the scrum development team. Sprints are the time-boxed iterations. All this is supervised by a scrum master. A scrum master is also responsible for setting goals and the delivery of the issued tasks. He helps the team with building up products with increased quality. He also promotes teamwork and cooperation among the team members and resolves internal disputes. With a lot of advantages, a CSM certification helps you shine in the crowd.

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