How Can To Choose A Descriptive Domain For Your Business

How can to Choose a Descriptive Domain for Your Business

by Evelyn Addison — 2 years ago in Development 2 min. read

Brands have the opportunity to make an impression with domain names.

Many companies look to descriptive domains when searching for a domain name that is easily searchable, memorable, and readily available.

What is a descriptive domain? How can it help your business?

What can Descriptive Domains do for Your Business?

Descriptive domains are often used as quick and easy-to-remember cards that describe a company and its offerings. Keywords are included on both the left- and right-sides of the dot in descriptive domains, such as amazon. jobs and Malaysia. travel. Businesses that use every letter in their domain name make it easier for customers and visitors to find their website again.

Search engine optimization can be aided by descriptive domains. A domain name that is clearer will be more likely to rank high in an internet search. A search for “modern energy” will quickly bring up modern. energy as the next result. It is crucial for entrepreneurs to have a searchable domain. This can increase online traffic, and result in more leads and conversions. For SEO success and SEO impact, domain names that are simple to remember, descriptive, and linked to your brand identity will be a good choice.

What’s The Difference Between a Descriptive and Brandable Domain?

Brandable domains are the words before the dot in a descriptive name domain. They can contain a word with a defined meaning that isn’t necessarily a dictionary keyword. Brandable domains can be powerful market differentiation, making it easy for brands to find their websites and make them memorable. Both sides of the dot are being used by entrepreneurs and brand builders to build their brands.

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How Entrepreneurs can Choose Between a Descriptive and Brandable Domain Brandable Domain

Entrepreneurs can choose between brandable and descriptive domains. Both brandable and descriptive domains offer their advantages, but entrepreneurs don’t have to choose one. Many websites use descriptive domains as part of their brand. For example, compound. finance or armoire. style use their domain names to create a brand. These websites are easy to find and will be familiar with the names of the companies as well as their specialties.

One-word domains that are brandable using generic extensions,.net, or. co may be too vague. Brandable domain names with descriptive extensions provide more clarity and help to make brands memorable.

A descriptive domain extension is used, such as Amazon. Care’s telehealth portal Amazon. Care. This allows the brand name to be used while still representing the service being provided clearly and memorable. Combining a brand name and a descriptive TLD can make it easier to search for a product/feature on a website. It also helps companies provide better customer service. They have a clear understanding of their brands. Currently, descriptive domains can be found in a wide range of places and are increasingly being adopted by new brands.

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