Top 3 Tips To Stand Out From Competitors

Top 3 Tips to Stand Out from Competitors

by Alex Noah — 3 years ago in Development 4 min. read

It is a fact that in order to create a successful business, you must be different so people choose you over your competitors. There is a right and wrong way to do this, and most entrepreneurs don’t know how to do it correctly.

The right way will result in lower marketing costs, shorter sales cycles, and greater market dominance. The opposite is true.

We want to avoid the former, but how do we do that?

Top 3 Tips to Stand Out from Competitors

In this article, I’m going to outline exactly how to stand out from your competitors in a way that positions your brand as the clear choice, both logically and emotionally.
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1. Don’t just be better — be different

Contrary to popular belief, the world won’t knock on your door and throw money at you because you have a better mousetrap.

While a product or service is superior to its competitors is great, a product/service that is better is even greater. This is because the human brain works in a certain way. We would be insane if we didn’t notice and process every bit of data that we came across.

We filter most data that we encounter in the real world. The things that are out of the norm are what make it through. Unusual things. Different.

This is because our brains evolved early to protect us against danger. We filter out noise so that we can focus on what we can eat and what could kill us.

This survival strategy dates back to a time before Uber Eats was available. You could order pizza, ice cream and Reece’s peanut butter cups via Uber Eats and still be able to binge-watch Parks and Rec while wearing your pajamas.

Early humans didn’t see the benefit of noticing intricate patterns in bark while walking through forests. Not even noticing individual trees was of any benefit. However, it was very beneficial to notice a hungry wolf in the forest.

Today, our brains work in the same way.

Similar things blend into the background, while those that are unique stand out.

Take Apple computers as an example. Contrary to popular belief, they are not better than PCs. They cost more than a comparable PC and can’t run certain software natively because they have a different operating system.

They aren’t better — they are just different.

Here are a few other examples of brands that successfully stand out from competitors by being different: 

  • Black Rifle Coffee
  • Airstream
  • Dollar Shave Club
  • Tesla
  • Harley Davidson

So while you should strive to provide products or services that are as good or better than what your competitors offer, it’s even more important to be different so your brand will stand out and be memorable. This will give you a massive advantage over your competitors.
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2. Maintain a strong, multi-channel presence 

Did you ever follow up with a potential client only to discover that they have bought from a competitor since your last contact? Your competitors are more likely to be in front of potential customers when they are ready to buy.

Some brands are able to do this well, but most don’t.

The majority of people fall within one of the following three categories: they use multiple channels poorly, one channel quite well but not others badly or rely completely on one channel.

Because media is so fragmented, effective marketing requires that your brand be present in more places than ever. There are many media platforms that we must deal with, including streaming services, television, radio, podcasts and YouTube.

We also have to deal directly with magazines, emails, newspapers, radio, podcasts, blogs, online, and other digital media. To be at the forefront of your customers’ minds, you must be there.
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It could include:

  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • Organic social media
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Public relations
  • Television advertising
  • Networking
  • Phone calls
  • Display advertising
  • Direct mail
  • Podcasts (as a guest and/or host)
  • Video marketing
  • Blogging

This is a huge list, so it’s important to limit the amount we take on.

It is easy to get caught up in the trap of trying too many things at once. However, this often leads to failing to do a lot of different things well. It is better to focus on one channel at a given time, and then work hard to gain significant traction in the next.

In ideal circumstances, you would like to have at least three to five channels.

Important to remember that social media should not only be considered one of these channels but should also include three to five social marketing sites. This is the same approach as for marketing channels. Once you have gained significant traction with one network, add another.
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3. Provide evidence of happy customers/clients 

Every brand and every person behind it is biased and acting in their self-interest when it claims to be the best. They might be the best, but customers won’t believe them unless they can prove it.

Here are your clients and customers. Because they are social proof, you should make use of them in your marketing strategy.

Your clients and future customers will be satisfied with your products and services if they are satisfied. It is important to guide them in crafting the perfect testimonial. There is a formula.

Your customer or client should tell you about the problem they had before coming to us and how it affected them. This is a great way to get a testimonial. Next, they will need to explain why they decided to work with you instead of your competitors. Before they can talk about their experience with you, they should also discuss how they have benefited from your product. Finally, they should recommend your company.

This simple formula covers both the emotional and logical components of a purchase decision.

You should attempt to get them to give this testimonial on video. I’ve explained in a previous article the role that video plays in personal branding because of how it improves trust. Same applies to testimonials.

Alex Noah

Alex is senior editor of The Next Tech. He studied International Communication Management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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