How To Choose React Native To Develop Your App

How to Choose React Native to Develop Your App

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Development 2 min. read

Hybrid apps are more common. Facebook has been a leader in hybrid applications, with React. It also uses technology to create its top-notch solutions. Should you do the same? This is when React Native should be used for app development.

A Cost-Effective and Economical Solution

You should consider Android and iOS users when developing apps for large markets. It can be time-consuming to develop native apps for each platform, and it will also increase your costs by twice as much. React Native is the solution to this problem. React Native allows you to reuse a lot of your codebase and avoids the time and cost overheads associated with dual-platform development strategies.

You can see why React native is a strong argument for using it.

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To Speed Up Development

You can reduce the codebase by using many prebuilt libraries created by React Native developers to speed up the development process. To push out MVPs quickly, many developers prefer to use as many prebuilt assets to their advantage. This allows them to focus on the core functionality that should be built entirely from scratch.

React Native allows you to handle many errors at runtime, making it easier to identify any bugs in your code.

To Give Native Design

Everyone who has used an app on iOS or Android knows that they look very different on each platform. This doesn’t significantly affect the learning curve, but there is a distinct look to the system that is determined by both Apple and Google’s app design philosophy.

Facebook is fully aware of this fact and has integrated many components that allow you to design according to the design philosophy of both sites simultaneously. Your application will look and run as well as natively designed applications on the phone of your user.

Code Push can Help You Get the Most Out of Your Code

CodePush is a game-changer that many people are now wondering about why not all major platforms have implemented. Let’s say you made a small error in your latest application build. You’d need to release a new update to native apps if you want to make changes. This has several deadlocks including approval by both Apple and Google.

App Center cloud service lets you update your app in real-time. This allows users to make changes directly from their end. There is no need to reload or refresh the app as everything is done in real-time.

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