Are Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) The Future Of App Development?

Are Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) the Future of App Development?

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

Technology is not static. The latest development is an upgrade to the existing development that has been before it. There were times when separate web development for desktop and mobile devices was the order of the day.

There was a time in the past when the native apps were the ultimate that ruled the waves in digital marketing. But over time, there were glaring lapses in the delivery of the marketing solutions and this gave birth to Progressive Web Apps.

The presence of a Smartphone application Development Company among us today has come in handy to bring the desired relief that is a must get a perfect solution in digital marketing.

What Is Progressive Web App?

This App makes use of modern web techniques to deliver a native App-like experience to the users. Built on PWA and presents a mix of traditional web pages and mobile applications.

The coming of this App has put to paid all the challenges that are been faced under previous experiences. Alex Russel is an engineer at Google and he holds the distinction of being the first expert to develop Progressive Web Apps.
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How Can Progressive Web App Influence Digital Marketing?

With the input from a credible application development firm, you are going to get an excellent experience from this App which others cannot deliver.

The rising profile of this App stems from the fact that it has been found in several aspects that Progressive Web App very beneficial to the business. We shall be taking a look at the areas where this App has influenced the business of today and after all is said and done, you are going to be in the best position to judge if truly this App is the face of business.

1. The Access To Users

Those that have come in contact with this App will agree that the promise of the mobile app development services is true with this App. The user interface is excellent.

You will not be required to go through the process of downloading which provides great bottlenecks if you are unfortunate to be associate with a very slow server. It is cost-effective because no extra charges will be incurred on data.
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2. Works Offline

The idea of an App working offline will sound strange but it is true with PWA. The backbone of this App is the service workers and they are busy working in the background towards ensuring that you get the best results on offer. How is this achieved?

Take a look at the following points:

  • The effort of service workers at the background makes this possible
  • Push notifications
  • Contents are re-loaded at the background
  • Processes based on server logic
  • The cache used to gather API and to load the PWA

The User Engagement

You are going to get a terrific experience through the excellent user engagement provided by this App. There is a link adding the feature in PWA that will allow the App to be cache and this will give you access from your home screen.

The Fine-Tuning

Another very strong factor that has necessitated the switch by many from native Apps to the PWA is the ease with which users can make their tweaks without first contacting the App store. Fixing the bugs and errors can take up to a week with native Apps but you can do that on the go with PWA.

This is the reason one can take a look at the advert from the smartphone application development company and one can surely agree with them that they have a system that will not waste our precious time in their delivery.


The activities of online criminals are getting increasingly worrisome. As efforts are been made to stop them in their acts, they are devising new methods of cheating innocent online users.

Security is the number one priority because if hackers are allow access into an account, the owner will be ripe bare and nobody will ever bargain for that. The provision of greater security is another very strong reason that has made PWA a favorite of online users.

Websites programmed in HTTPs make the launching of PWA easy and you can trust that no person that does not have your express permission can hack into the details of your credit card or access your pin. The environment is secure and it gives the needed peace of mind that you required to move on.


The speed of the PWA, when considered with what is get through native Apps. They are very reliable and the efficiency can be rate as excellent. You can cache the information in the App and browser and this is responsible for the speed of delivery. The PWA is:

  • Smooth scrolling
  • Delivers excellent animations
  • Impressive navigations
  • It allows users to perceive it as a native application.
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The Flexibility

A look at the flexibility that this App brings to users is another strong reason why it is getting increasingly popular with people.

If you are able to connect with a credible application development firm that comes to the party with a high degree of professionalism, then you can be sure that you are going to get something that will literarily reduce the stress on the users considering the high level of flexibility that they come with for the benefit of the users. Web users can save your PWA to their home screen as a shortcut which they can easily access when needed.

Can we go back to the topic question now and ask: Are progressive web applications (PWAs) the future of app development? Going by the facts of the matter delivered above, it can be said without any iota of doubt that PWA is indeed the future of app development.

However, the Mobile App Development Services that you should trust is the one that has the credibility going for them in the notch.

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