How To Design A Target Audience Oriented Brand Logo And Grab Market Share

How to Design a Target Audience Oriented Brand Logo and Grab Market Share

by Frank Borg — 4 years ago in Development 5 min. read

Every designer in the market wishes (and some do too) to create a logo as per their aesthetic sense. However, it is highly difficult for an Australian logo designer to design a logo considering the nature of the business as well as the audience the business is going to target.

Hence, being a professional logo designer, getting a logo designed for a good client takes more than just his or her aesthetic sense, it takes a lot of research and background knowledge. This article will help you, as a designer, as well as a customer to understand how a logo is designed to attract a specific target audience and hence, attaining a good market share.

What is the Target Audience?

As the term refers, the target audience is said to be the people who a specific business is targeting in order to attain sales of their products or services. For effective businesses, having a good understanding of the target market is the key to success. As much as it is important for the business, it is equally important for the designer and visual department of the company.

Here is top logo creation companies, it is highly necessary to have a good understanding of the target market in order to understand what the customer seeks in a logo and visual representation of the company. For this, a designer first of all analyses the customers and consumers of the company and then a well-crafted logo is designed.

However, a naïve web designer in Australia would just limit the work to his aesthetic sense, but to attain a highly oriented design for a big company, it is necessary for the designers to understand the target audience first.

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Evaluation of the sector

Along with the target audience, it is necessary for the logo designers in Australia to understand what sort of industry or business sector the company is targeting.

For this, a good logo designer, first of all, goes through all the designs of the specific industry first, then sorts them as per successful and unsuccessful companies.

One thing which should be understood in this sense in that your company’s logo design should not have relevancy with any of the famous and successful companies in the sector else it would just be considered as a replica or just another company trying to copy the ideas of that company.

Furthermore, One thing to notice while evaluating the sector for a logo design in Australia is to see what sort of colors, patterns, fonts, and symbols are used in a business sector, that way, it will be feasible for the designer to narrow down his choices to create a logo exactly as per the sector.

For example, if we are talking about the automobile industry, take a look at the logo designs of Honda, Toyota, Mercedes or Audi.

One thing in all these logos which everyone would find out is that the core color applied in all of these logos is silver. One of the reasons for applying this color is because when it is assembled physically in a car, it shines and makes an attractive image from the perspective of the customer.

Competition in the market

Now, since you have analyzed the business sector you are targeting, it is now time to understand how the rival companies of the business sector have shaped their logo designs.

For companies in Australia, it has been observed by various designers that the logos created for their domestic companies are more prone to nature and depict a natural feeling to the observer of the logo.

Once you have sorted out the target companies, it is then time to analyze how the logos of such companies are perceived by the customer or consumer of the business, depending on the nature of the business.

A quick tip for the analysis of the rival companies in terms of having a small survey from people around you who are using the service or product of the said company is also a good idea. For example, if the company for whom you have to design a logo for, is a fast-food company, think about taking feedback about the logos of major fast-food chains of the world like McDonalds and KFC and see how they perceive the logo. It is not important to do a survey in the market as such surveys can also be done by your peers and colleagues in your company who, obviously are not designers. This way, you will have a good idea about what to and what not to include in the logo of your client’s fast-food business.

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Demographic properties of the target audience

Another important factor to be considered while having a good logo design in Australia made for the targeted audience is the demographic properties of the end-user of your client’s product. Demographic properties include age, gender, income, race, region and other similar properties like this.

For example, if you are talking about a clothing company for teens, the logo design for such a company should include vibrant colors and funky styles in order to attract the right client just by looking at the logo.

On the contrary, if we are talking about a logo design for a luxury car company, it is understood that the people who can afford such cars are not teenage boys and girls but businessmen and celebrities who are in their field for more than 15 to 20 years having the buying power for such product.

Hence, the logo design for this luxury car brand should be elegant, with sharp and elite colors giving the “rich” feeling just by the logo of the luxury car.

Narrowing the Design

Now, we have all the important factors we need to have a logo design in Australia as per the need of the client after understanding the target market, business sector, demographic properties as well as the rival competitors in the market.

To have a good market share, it is now easier for the logo designer to understand what the client, as well as the customer, looks for in the first impression of the company, the logo design.

Considering all the factors we have mentioned here, the final work which will be delivered to the client will be speaking for itself and I believe, being a logo designer myself, that there would be no explanations necessary regarding the design, font, color or every curve and line in the logo design.

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There is a huge difference in the actual sense of logo designing and what the basic Australian logo designers think about it.

It must be understood that a logo design is something which should not be taken for granted and to be taken lightly because it is something that represents the company to its clients as well as its competitors, the product or service comes after.

Now, a target audience-oriented logo design in Australia is something every growing company or even a start-up needs to have a good market share resulting in surviving in the market in the beginning and then excelling.

At the end, it should also be understood by entrepreneurs, business owners, and partners that coordination with the designer in this regard is highly necessary because if there would be no explanations given to the designer about your company, the target market, and everything, the logo design would not be as effective as you need it to be.

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