Top 5 Free Website For Animating Still Photos In 2023

Top 5 Free Website For Animating Still Photos In 2023

by Alan Jackson — 1 year ago in Development 5 min. read

Old photos hold a special place in our hearts, as they capture memories that we can never relive. They help us reminisce about the good old days, and bring a smile to our faces.

But what if we could bring those memories to life and bring the people in those photos back to life? With the advent of new technology, it is now possible to animate still images and bring a new dimension to your cherished memories. Thanks to advancements in technology, old photo restoration allows us to breathe new life into cherished memories by revitalizing and animating still images, creating a profound connection with the past.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 free websites for animating old photos in 2023. We will look into their key features, and prices while also detailing their pros and cons. So, without any ado, let’s get started!

Part 1. About Animating Still Photos

Animating Still Photos

Animating still images refers to the process of taking a static picture and adding movement to it, making the image come to life. Animating old photos is a modern way of bringing new life to old memories. By animating still images, we can make them come alive and tell a story that might have been lost in time. This technique can be used to revive old family photos, historical images, and even artwork, giving them a new lease on life.

One of the most popular ways to animate still images is by using special software that allows you to add movement to specific parts of the image. For example, you can make a person in an old photo appear to be walking, or make the eyes of your grandmother in a static old photo blink. This process is called compositing and it involves cutting out individual elements from the original image and adding them to a new background. The result is a moving image that brings a new level of excitement and engagement to old memories.

Animating still images is a great way to preserve old memories and share them with new generations. By making still images move, we can bring old stories to life, and give them new relevance in the modern world. Whether it’s an old family photo or a historical image, animating still images is a way to make the past come alive and keep our memories and stories alive for generations to come.

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Part 2. Top 5 Free Websites for Animating Still Photos

1. HitPaw Animate Old Photos

HitPaw Animate Old Photos

HitPaw Animate Old Photos is a cutting-edge AI technology that allows you to bring life to your old photos. With just 3 easy steps of uploading, animating, and downloading the video, you can create vivid animations of faces in your photos. The best part? It’s 100% safe and secure, with no privacy leak. Perfect for tech novices and beginners alike!


  • Download option as MP4 as well as GIF
  • AI-powered animation of photos
  • Privacy protection makes it safe to animate still images online
  • Intuitive User Interface


A monthly subscription to HitPaw Animate Old Photos costs $9.99 per month, but a yearly subscription reduces the cost to $4.99 per month. This makes the yearly subscription a more cost-effective option for users looking to enjoy this amazing tool for a longer period.


  • 100% safe
  • User friendly
  • Fast and efficient tool
  • High-quality output


  • Free download available only with HitPaw Watermark

2. Cutout. pro

Cutout. Pro is a visual design platform that combines the power of AI and computer vision. With its ‘Photo Animer’ tool, you can bring still images to life, and it also offers a desktop and mobile app, in addition to the online photo animator, providing users with a convenient way to create animations on the go.


  • Uses AI and computer vision
  • Multiple other use cases such as background remover
  • Desktop and Mobile App


Cutout. Pro offers a credit-based subscription model, where the subscription cost for 100 credits per month is priced at $9.90. As the number of credits increases, the price also goes up accordingly.


  • Availability of mobile application
  • Easy-to-use tool
  • Works with cartoons and even sketches


  • Free download available with Cutout.Pro Watermark only
  • Has a complex pricing model compared to its competitors
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3. PhotosRevive


PhotosRevive is an amazing tool to revive old photos with the aid of the latest AI technology where users can colorize and do other things to improve their favorite and memorable old images within seconds.


  • Use of the latest AI technology
  • Colorize old image
  • Customization options with color adjustments such as shadow, brightness, and contrast


  • Easy to use
  • Available on mac and iOS
  • Colorize old images quickly


  • Lacks feature to make still image move
  • The web version is currently unavailable

4. Remini


Remini is an AI-powered photo enhancer tool that quickly fixes blurry and damaged images. With both a standalone app and a web product, Remini offers users a fast and easy way to restore their cherished memories. While it can improve your old photos, it cannot add motion to still photos.


  • AI-powered image restoration technology to repair and enhance old and damaged photos
  • Upscale low-resolution photos to high-resolution images
  • Reduce noise and grain in photos, making them clearer and more vibrant
  • Adjust the color balance and saturation of photos


Remini AI Photo Enhancer costs $5 per month allowing users access to all its features.


  • Easy to use
  • Convert damaged images to HD


  • Does not include a photo animation feature
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5. MyHeritage


MyHeritage, launched in 2020, is primarily a platform for discovering your family heritage and building a family tree. It also offers a tool called Deep Nostalgia that allows users to animate still images online, bringing old family photos to life.


  • Animation using deep learning
  • Realistic movements


As of writing, MyHeritage’s tool to animate still images online is free to use. Users, however, would be required to sign up on MyHeritage to be able to use the feature. Meanwhile, users will be required to pay a subscription fee of $299 per year which for the first will be $199.


  • Free to use photo animator
  • User friendly


  • Not a focused product for photo animation

Final Thought

In conclusion, animating old photos can bring them to life and preserve memories in a unique way. The above-mentioned websites are great options for creating animations, each with their own strengths and features.

However, for those who are looking for a user-friendly and powerful platform to animate still images online, HitPaw Animate Old Photos is a highly recommended option. With its advanced features and easy-to-use interface, HitPaw can help you bring your memories to life in a creative and meaningful way.

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