Top 5 Habits That Help Successful People Maximize Their Time

Top 5 Habits that Help Successful People Maximize their Time

by Alex Noah — 2 years ago in Development 2 min. read

Everybody has the same 24 hour day. But it’s what we do in those 1440 minutes that makes the difference between the successful and the rest.

These clock hacks will help you beat the competition and reach your goals faster than any week.

Top 5 Habits that Help Successful People

1. Be lazy and think like one

Do you prefer to use a dishwasher to clean every utensil or do you find it faster? The end result is the same regardless of how you get there.

However, the effort required is significantly different. Josephine Cochran’s 19th-century attempt to apply water pressure to plates was not only innovative but lazy. She was tired of washing every spoon by hand and discovered a better way.

Instead of sitting down and doing tedious work, try to find ways to make it less boring. You can create workflows, automation, and innovations that make it easier to accomplish more work with less effort.

Then you can use that time to tackle the next problem. You will be miles ahead of your competition when you stop and look back.

2. Do not order your tasks

To-do lists can be dangerous because most people assume that they should be completed in a linear fashion. It is not a good idea to start at the top when it comes to chores like these.

Instead, estimate the time for each item. Do you have ten minutes between meetings and can you do it? Do a small task. Do you want your plane delayed for two hours? Try to tackle a bigger item. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in a day.
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3. Maximize transit time

Make travel work for your eyes instead of staring out the window of a plane or scrolling through Instagram in an Uber. You can commute to work and use it as a way to answer emails, prepare for meetings, or for continuing education.

Listen to podcasts, read leadership books or browse articles by experts instead of watching the movie in flight. It is important to see every minute of sitting as an opportunity.

4. The ROI

Consider the potential return on your investment every time you consider committing to something. It may seem like a great use of your time to grab a drink with a friend, but is it? It may not be worth it if you are unable to spend your time with a friend or family member.

Consider the value of the investment versus the risk. Relaxation is important, but it’s not worth doing anything strictly out of obligation. It is okay to say no when the ROI is negative
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5. The rest can be outsourced

While most business leaders believe they should be involved in all aspects of their ventures and be involved in every aspect, the hard truth (and hacky cliché) is that you can’t be a master of all trades if you try to be. Instead, find your superpower and make it your own until no one else can. Don’t worry about the areas you aren’t naturally good at.

Look for people who excel in the areas you lack and let them fly. It’s magical when you focus on what you do well and outsource the rest. Everything moves much faster. No one will get bogged down by tasks that are challenging if you have the right people. The results can be amazing when everything is streamlined.

Alex Noah

Alex is senior editor of The Next Tech. He studied International Communication Management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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