What Technologies Of The Future Are Already Being Used In Education Today

What Technologies of the Future are already being used in Education today

by Andrew Williams — 2 years ago in Development 3 min. read

Virtual reality, gamification and artificial intelligence – yesterday it seemed unbelievable, but today it is successfully implemented in the educational process. We tell you how today’s innovative learning technologies make it more effective and engaging.


The school infrastructure is continually being updated, and modern educational technology is being introduced. For example, only a few years ago students were used to solving equations on a chalkboard, but today many schools have interactive whiteboards. Teachers can display any videos, images, presentation slides.

Many interactive whiteboards can be written on with the help of a finger – firstly, it’s no longer necessary to get dirty with chalk, and secondly, it’s fun for children regardless of their age.

In addition to interactive whiteboards, schools are being equipped with digital badging systems. They have also been introduced as part of the use of modern technology. Parents can keep track of what time a child entered the school building and when they left.

Now all a student needs to do is put a pass to the turnstile, but in a decade it could be biometrics – fingerprints, like Touch ID on Apple devices, and retinal scans.

But even if that’s not enough, students now don’t have to search for the right information in the library when writing any kind of paper, but can just get essay help at StudyCrumb if they need it. This is the main convenience for students in our century.

Paper diaries are almost a thing of the past – electronic diaries are ubiquitous. In the future, 3D gadgets will replace common printers and students will be able to print any 3D model they want for a variety of tasks.

In Minneapolis, USA one school has already got a Dimension BST printer that students can use to create design prototypes. Every year the use of modern technology in school is becoming more and more active.

Probably, the usual paper will not be used anymore – scientists are already developing OLED displays. They are flexible, light, and thin “sheets” that can be rolled or stacked just like paper.

This solution is more practical, environmentally friendly, and durable than conventional paper, such displays do not tear and are interactive – like a flexible tablet. Voice Amplifiers are also another awesome piece of tech being used in classrooms today.
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Online learning is a modern technology in education

In the past, children from the regions were eager to leave to study in big cities. Now quality education is no longer tied to place, and education not based on residency is real – you can study with a teacher of any rank and nationality, even if he lives in a different time zone and speaks a foreign language.

Online education is developing at an incredible rate. Soon, not only remote lessons with live people will be used, but also learning guided by artificial intelligence. For example, Microsoft has already released a tutorial app for learning Chinese.

In it, the student responds to short print and audio messages of the teacher-bot in the chat room. Artificial intelligence analyzes the answers and selects the right load.

Modern technologies of online learning make education available to everyone who has access to the Internet, and perhaps in the future, the traditional face-to-face classes will completely outlive themselves.

Virtual and augmented reality

Visual media and technologies are more and more used in the educational process. It is, again, the peculiarities of the current generation.

Our children do everything with the help of YouTube – they make handicrafts, get their hair cut and dyed, unpack packages, and learn languages. Statistics show that 85 percent of teenagers use YouTube all the time, and 80 percent of them say that videos are a way for them to learn more about their hobbies. Not surprisingly, teachers are increasingly using videos, movies, and recorded lectures in their teaching.
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Innovative learning technologies in schools are rapidly evolving, and future generations will learn very differently than our grandparents did.

Schoolchildren will experience full digitalization, OLED displays, learning with artificial intelligence, gamification, and the possibility of immersive learning. No more boring sitting at a desk, cramming and lack of interest in lessons – innovative technology in education is being used more and more in schools.

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