What Technology Is Used In An API?

What Technology is Used in an API?

by Evelyn Addison — 1 year ago in Development 3 min. read

An application programming interface is, in short, a set of tools that allows programmers to make their products cooperate. Honestly, there is no need for you to try to comprehend the art of creating a working API. You can use a credible program to create your own API. The blockchain API allows you to save time, effort, and money while creating an API.

What is an API?

As was stated above, it’s a set of tools. You can also compare it to an agreement. There are two parties in this kind of agreement: a client and a server. The client makes a request, and the server responds. An API is a mediator.

On the World Wide Web, APIs allow you to easily access multiple resources simultaneously that are only available on the side of another software application or server. And this is what makes an API a universal tool.

Types of APIs

The API didn’t always exist. Its appearance on the market was a technological revolution and brought many changes to the online world. It has been around for a while, and its evolution provides an effective communication process between programs that use each other’s functions and resources.

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One of the simplest API paradigms is in which the client calls the execution of a block of code on the server. RPC is an ancestor of SOAP.


It is a service that uses the SOAP protocol to exchange messages between servers and clients. However, the messages must be written in XML following strict standards. Otherwise, the server will return an error.

SOAP can be used with SMTP, FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS protocols. Most often — with HTTP as the most universal: it is supported by all browsers and servers.

SOAP is mainly related to the actions processing rather than data. Now it is inferior in popularity to the REST APIs.


REST is an architectural style, not a protocol. More of a set of rules for writing code. In fact, it is based on agreements. REST reinforcement is an official standard. A web service built on all the requirements and limitations of the architectural style can be called a RESTful web service.

REST supports several formats besides XML: JSON, TXT, CSV, HTML.

REST does not use data conversion during transmission. Data is transmitted in its original form — this reduces the load on the web service client but increases the load on the network.

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What is an API Based On?

Strictly speaking, APIs are not based on any technology. APIs are written algorithms that make apps, websites, and programs work and cooperate.

APIs use programming and markup languages.

What Markup Languages Are Used in an API?

When it comes to coding, choosing what language you’d like to use is essential. There are many options to consider. Some are more popular and simple, and others are less comfortable to use.


A python is an excellent tool for working with APIs. It is used to create software applications, write tests and backend web applications, and automate tasks in system administration. It suits neural networks and big data analysis.


With the help of the Java API, the work can be controlled by computer systems, and programmers’ participation is not required. Using the API, software companies can update workflows to make them faster and more efficient. Because Java APIs can easily access software components, there is much more flexibility in delivering data and services (used for programming for android).

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Allows API calls directly from the user’s browser, bypassing the server while saving traffic and computing resources. In addition, it gives access to some features that are not available for calling from the server. A high-level scripting programming language built into the browser that allows you to create functionality for web pages/applications.

How Does an API Work?

Interaction with the API in the code occurs through objects that serve as containers for the information that the API works with (contained in the object properties) and implement the API’s functionality (contained in the object methods).

The user activates an API call that tells the program to do something, then the program applies the API, requesting the webserver to do something. The API acts as an intermediary between the application and the web server, and the API makes a request. And every time you use software to communicate with other software or online servers, you use the API to get the information you need.


All in all, an API is a must-have for the successful usage of any website or app. APIs are algorithms that are based on coding only. It’s a set of phrases and commands in a particular programming language.

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