5 Signs You Know It's Time To Switch TV Providers

5 Signs You Know It’s Time to Switch TV Providers

by Jenna Gabat — 3 years ago in Entertainment 2 min. read

Do you often think about switching TV providers? If you’re simply not happy with the service you’ve received and you think you’re finally fed up; it might be time to switch TV providers.

Switching your TV provider can work out great if you do your research before switching. You can get more channels, a lower bill, better equipment, and all the great new customer deals that are currently available.

If you’re not sure if you’re ready to finally make the switch or the thought of switching TV providers scares you, here’s five signs you know it’s time to switch TV providers and finally get the TV service your family wants.

5 Signs You Know It’s Time to Switch TV Providers

1. Your Favorite Channel Is Blacked Out

Has your favorite channel gone dark? If it’s in the middle of a blackout, there’s no telling when your channel will be back up. Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid a blackout; TV providers will always negotiate their rates with broadcast networks at the end of their agreements.

More often than in recent years the dispute doesn’t get settled by the end of the agreement, which results in the blackout. If you’re towards the end of your contract or are not in a contract at, it might be worth your while to switch TV providers.
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2. Your Bill Keeps Going Up

Has your monthly TV bill gone up again? If you’re tired of the rising cost of TV service providers or can’t stretch the family budget any further to afford your current service, you have options.

You can either give in and pay the higher bill, negotiate with your current TV provider, or look for internet provider that offer bundled packages that includes internet and TV subscription or subscribe to a new TV provider.

If negotiating with your current TV provider fails, you can always switch TV providers. Just be careful that you don’t get stuck with early termination fees for ending your contract early with your current provider or higher monthly bills later when your promotional pricing ends with your new TV provider.
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 3. You Plan On Moving Soon

If you plan on moving soon, it just makes sense to research all the TV options that are available at your new address. You might find better TV service with more channels, a better rate, better tech or that your current TV provider isn’t even available.

Let’s face the cold harsh reality of subscribing to TV service; you won’t get a better deal with any TV provider than the deal you get when you first sign up.

Introductory rates, free upgrades, free add-ons, free prepaid gift cards and free streaming devices are usually all reserved for new customers only. Loyal customers don’t get any sort of breaks or deals for remaining a loyal customer.

4. Your Plagued By Service Outages Often

Is your TV service out often? Whether it’s due to severe weather, hardware issues or maintenance; frequent unplanned outages are frustrating. If your TV provider can’t figure out why you have so many outages or it is common where you live, it’s a sign that you should switch to a more reliable TV provider.
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 5. You’re Not Happy With Your Current Service

No matter how big or small your TV problems have been, if you’re repeatedly not happy with your current service and nothing ever seems to be resolved, it’s time to switch your TV provider. It’s not worth the constant stress and there is another TV provider out there will provide better service.

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