All Starfield Companions & Crew (Updated List 2024)

All Starfield Companions & Crew (Updated List 2024)

by Alex Noah — 2 months ago in Entertainment 4 min. read

Starfield or Starfield companions is observed to be the most covered video game worldwide. Specifically, about more than fifty thousands of articles have been published during the measured period.

Indeed, the game is fun to play and addictive because of its intense and realistic graphics that indulge a unique set of universal worlds.

While escaping Starfield PS5 release, one of the most unforgettable facts about Starfield is that you can land on different planets and explore the atmosphere respectively.

But what most exciting thing about the game is Starfield companions that act as friends and even beyond.

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What Are Starfield Companions?

Starfield companions are your friends, teammates, or buddies that help you around your gameplay missions. Not being controlled by real players but computer bots, automatically help you out in combat.

There are multiple companions in the game that get unlocked systematically upon completing the mission, and each have anywhere between one and four skills that can combine with yours to benefit you in different ways.

Where To Find Starfield Companions?

Hiring companions is easy and can be done from multiple locations in the game. Examples include The Viewport in New Atlantis, The Hitching Post in Akila, and the Astral Lounge in Neon, including hidden places.

One of the simple ways to find Starfield companions in the main cities, bars, and within mission scenarios. These locations have a higher probability of finding a reliable companion for your mission.

What Are The Skills Of Companions In Starfield Games?

It is true that each companion in the game incubates unique traits and actionable skills that could help you in many aspects.

Each companion comes with unique more than one skills, indulging strong abilities to assist you by following your orders or completing things automatically such as repairing your ship’s weapon and fuel efficiency, and even run and manage outposts for you.

Some of the noted Starfield Companions skills include:

  • Leadership
  • Payloads
  • Robotics
  • Brotherhood
  • System management
  • Geology
  • Stealth
  • Weight lifting
  • Piloting
  • Theft
  • Doctory

All these skills are based on the companion’s ability and traits. Continue reading to explore the list of starfield companions.

List Of All Starfield Companions You Can Bring

I have mentioned an updated list of Starfield companions. The following list is prepared after the Starfield update release of 1.6.47 to the game.

Companion Name Skills Mission
Sarah Morgan Astrodynamics
The Old Neighborhood
Barrett Starship engineering
Particle Beam Weapon Systems
Back to Vectera
Sam Coe Piloting
Rifle Certification
The Empty Nest
Andreja Stealth
Particle Beams
Energy Weapon Systems
Into the Unknown
Lin Demolitions
Outpost Management
Back to Vectera
Vasco Aneutronic Fusion
Shield Systems
EM Weapon Systems
One Small Step
Heller Geology
Outpost Engineering
Back to Vectera
Marika Boros Shotgun Certification
Particle Beam Weapon Systems
Marika Boros
Gideon Aker Ballistic Weapon Systems
Missile Weapon Systems
The Viewport, New Atlantis
Simeon Bankowski Sharpshooting
Sniper Certification
The Viewport, New Atlantis
Rafael Aguerro Outpost Engineering
Starpost Engineering
Outpost Management
The Viewport, New Atlantis
Rosie Tannehill Medicine
The Hitching Post, Akila
Omari Hassan Shield Systems
Starship Engineering
The Hitching Post, Akila
Ezekiel Scavenging
Energy Weapon Dissipation
Shield Systems
Aggie’s Bar, Akila
Lyle Brewer Particle Beams
Shotgun Certification
Aggie’s Bar, Akila
Mickey Caviar Gastronomy
Astral Lounge, Neon
Dani Garcia Chemistry
Energy Weapon Systems
Euphorika, Neon
Moara Otero EM Weapon Systems
Broken Spear, Cydonia
Andromeda Kepler Outpost Engineering
Aneutronic Fusion
Broken Spear, Cydonia
Adoring Fan Weight lifting
Not Disclosed

How Many Companions In Starfield?

There are 26 companions in Starfield which can be hired and can cope with your mission. But it’s hard to hire all the companions. Out of many, there are few companions which are trustworthy and honest to your words.

Who Is The Best Companion To Have Starfield?

Considering the top-ranked crewmembers only, Sarah Morgan is the best companion to have for your mission. But that doesn’t mean that she is the all-round best.

Alternately, some other best picks include Barrette, Sam Coe, Heller, and Lin.

Final Thought On Starfield Companions

Starfield companions are good to consider for your most advanced combat and long-journey mission. Be mindful when hiring your crewmember for your mission. Explore their abilities, powers, and drawbacks simultaneously.

In a particular context such as combat or weight lift scenarios, Simeon Bankowski is the best starfield companions to take off on your journey. And there’s more for wellness, operation, system management, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Starfield without a companion?

Yes, you can play Starfield without a companion but it would be hard to operate and manage things in time.

How to recruit Starfield companions?

All you need to do to hire companions in Starfield is go to them, speak to them, and convince them to work with you.

Where to find the Constellation Starfield companion?

Sarah Morgan is the perfect Constellation Starfield companion and she is the character that you have met very early in the story. Being the chair of Constellation, the group of explorers who spearhead much of the RPG's plot.

Who are the new Atlantis Starfield companions?

Marika Boros, Gideon Aker, Rafael Aguerro, and Simeon Bankowski are the new Atlantis Starfield companions.

Can I edit companions in the Starfield game?

It is possible to edit some of the chosen starfield companions actions. But before doing this, you must approach one of the companion characters and ask them to follow you.

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