How To Live A Better And Healthy Life Style Tips?

How to Live a Better and Healthy Life Style Tips?

by Tim Wilson — 5 years ago in Entertainment 4 min. read

As the saying goes, “Health is wealth”, we are facing a challenge to maintain this wealth in the fast going world. In this age of technology, we find it really hard to take good care of our health and live a better life. However, it is not that difficult if we follow some simple and beneficial rules. We can lead a healthy life by acting upon the following these healthy lifestyle tips given by experts;

Healthy Diet:

Taking a balanced diet is an essential part of preserving good health, and it helps you feel better. Eating a balanced diet means consuming a wide variety of foods in the right amounts or proportions. Our body, in order to perform its functions properly, needs a lot of different nutrients in different proportions. Therefore, we have to include different types of foods in our daily diet plans.

There’s a lot of research that also proposes that consuming healthy diet may help you increase your life span. It not only improves your overall health but also provides you protection against diseases. These healthy lifestyle tips will help you stay clear of hypertension, heart diseases, cataracts, and cancer. A diet containing more fruit, whole grains, and the right amount of meat would make a well-balanced diet. Whole grains are a good source of fiber, multiple minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, and manganese, and B vitamins. Fruit provides you with the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

Drinking plenty of water also matters a lot. Many studies have revealed that drinking water may help you in weight loss, maintaining weight, and slightly improves the number of calories you burn daily. Experts propose that you should drink more water than other beverages and it would reduce your calorie intake and sugar.

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Regular Exercise:

For both your mental and physical health, it is highly significant to stay active. It enhances your energy and maintains a positive mood in you all the time. You should devote at least 120-150 minutes per week for physical workout. You must also have to take muscle-strengthening sessions twice in a weak to lead a better and healthy life.

To sustain a healthy lifestyle and decrease your risk of health issues, you should focus on various simple health tips and try to adjust these small changes in your daily routine. For example, cycling or walking rather than using a car, getting off a bus, tram, or train a stop before and walking the remaining distance, or walking the kids to school. Physical activity may have direct and long-term health advantages. A regular physical activity would definitely improve the quality of your life by reducing the risk of diseases and giving you a healthy mind.

Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight with These Simple Health Tips

The overall objective of maintaining a healthy diet and undertaking physical activity is to sustain healthy body weight. Obesity is the mother of all diseases. Over-weight or obesity may lead to cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, cancer, hypertension, etc. that decrease the average life of a person. Research done in 2018 showed that excessive obesity reduces life expectancy by up to one year. You must be careful about your body weight and stay conscious to maintain healthy body weight. You can adapt several different measures to maintain a healthy body weight. You can gain and sustain a healthy weight if you;

  • Follow a healthful diet, and if you are obese or overweight, try to decrease your daily calorie intake by 500 calories in a view to lose weight
  • Become physically active
  • Reduce the span of being physically inactive

Avoid Smoking and Drinking

Smoking and drinking are hazardous to your health. If you wish to lead a healthy life, you have to quit smoking. Tobacco use induces or leads to a great number of cancers. Almost 90% of lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking. The use of tobacco entails cancer of kidneys, mouth, tongue, lip, esophagus, and bladder. Tobacco use can also cause atherosclerotic arterial disease that might lead to heart arrests and strokes. Another adverse effect of smoking is that it leads to chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

Quitting the habit of smoking is not easy at all. Tobacco contains nicotine that is addictive. If you really want to quit smoking, you must set serious life commitments in order to succeed in your attempt. Other efforts may comprise counseling, behavior modification, using nicotine chewing gum, or oral medication.

Drinking also has many negative impacts on your health. Excessive use of alcohol causes liver cirrhosis that might result in hemorrhage, easy bruising and bleeding, fluid accumulation in the abdomen, mental confusion, muscle wasting, and in some situations, kidney failure, and coma. Alcohol consumption is a significant cause of injury or death from accidents, burns, and drowning.

A lot of treatments exist for alcoholism. But the most essential thing is to recognize the problem and the addicted person needs to commit themselves in order to resolve the problem.

Psychologists and other related professionals have evolved programs and techniques to help addicted persons better deal with emotional stresses and avoid behaviors that may lead to excessive drinking. Medication can also be effective for preventing relapses and for revocation symptoms following prolonged or acute intoxication.

Avoid high-risk behaviors

You have to be careful not to involve in high-risk behaviors like;

  • Driving while being under the impact of drugs
  • Driving whilst sleep-deprived
  • Using mobile phones while driving
  • Rash driving and over speeding
  • Riding bikes without helmets
  • Keeping guns and firearms having no proper training
  • Smoking in bed

If you care about your life and health, you must avoid committing these mistakes. Do not drive if you are sleep deprived or intoxicated. Use helmets while riding a bike. If you are interested in keeping guns, get proper training in the use and storage of guns. Use smoke detectors and avoid smoking in bed.

In short, if you keenly follow these healthy lifestyle tips, you would be able to enjoy a happy, healthy, and better life.

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